Goddess Mandy recently shared sissy cum slut Melody’s thoughts and feelings on how Goddess has influenced her kinks and helped them cum to fruition. Reading this completely inspired me to share how She has helped me fulfill some mutual fantasies we have shared over the years.


Serving Goddess Mandy is a Privilege

i have enjoyed the privilege of serving Goddess Mandy for over ten years, during which we have enjoyed many naughty scenes from all points of our virtual kink continuum. i enjoy submitting to beautiful women who use me for their physical pleasures, either directly or indirectly.  Often, Ms. Mandy is standing back and guiding me to perform salacious acts on others of Her choosing. Of the many stereotype labels used to categorize particular types of fantasies, i believe kinkster is most fitting for me. And those of You who know Goddess Mandy will agree that she can personalize any of those fantasies to our unique and individual niche.


Submitting to Goddess with an Open Mind

My particular niche, as mentioned above, is submitting my open mind and willing body to be used in debaucherous ways by powerful women. Ways that many of You find humiliating yet stimulating. i prefer to see these acts as subjugation and sink into the bliss of subspace in deriving pleasure from Her pleasure. Whether She is receiving direct stimulation or soaring to new heights in Her Domme space of power and control as She watches and directs.

Goddess, Mandy and i have many favorite places to stop and play along the entire spectrum of kink. However, one of these virtual fantasies was recently made real under Goddess Mandy’s direction and She has allowed me to share it here.


Trained To Serve

This story started long ago when Goddess Mandy revealed how exciting She finds watching men together! Whether being intimate with sensual touches and kisses progressing to sex, or in a hedonistic gang bang. Even though i am not attracted to men on my own, the thought of putting on a good show for Goddess’ enjoyment became more palatable.  She then shared with me how much She had enjoyed training one Her previous lovers to crave cock to the point She once referred to him as “Her bitch”.  And then the frustration She felt when circumstances prohibited Her from not being able to actually witness this when it happened. This set a lofty goal for me.


Teaching me the Pleasures of my Mangina

We would often visit that motel room where She used the techniques She had perfected with him into a similar regime. She taught me the pleasure my mangina can derive from being touched in just the right way. Then She began to stretch my limits and boundaries. She used  words and fingers initially and then a three-prong speculum. She explained how much better it will feel to be open and filled by Her surrogate energy cock. She began to whisper what a turn on it would be to watch me with another man. Since then, She and i have explored many virtual options of that scenario. Goddess Mandy has introduced me to Her various bulls, using me to please them both, or to just give Her the visual and aural stimulation of pleasing him, for Her.

Sometimes She would have me collared and naked. Other times, She would bring out my feminine persona, neelia, in green lingerie. And on yet other occasions, She would plug me and bind me to a chair in the corner of the room. It seemed to be a mutual fantasy for both Goddess and i. The greater Goddesses’ pleasure, the greater my own.  After ten years, i was craving a way to make Goddess Mandy feel as special as She always does me. And also perhaps, to help Her frustrated fantasy abate. Here is how it happened…


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO

PS. I can’t wait to share kneel’s gift with you!!!


Serving Goddess Mandy