Do you remember My sissy cum slut melody?!? Well…she was the one who wrote all of the wonderfully creative and sexy additions to My story about Kelly & Lori! 🙂

And since she just absolutely LOVES to write things for Me…I asked her to share with Me and you all what has been going on in her world these days! I think the title above might just give you a tiny little clue. And I will say this, the “results” so far have been quite interesting!! 🙂

Here is what she had to say… 🙂


About two months ago, Goddess Mandy and i discussed how to change my masturbation schedule.  Sometimes i tend to become a chronic masturbator and need Goddess’ help in controlling my clitty.  This time, Goddess saw an opportunity to further my training.


For this schedule, Goddess Mandy generously allows me to play with my clitty and cum whenever i want…but i can only do it while watching gay porn or fantasizing about it.  As a sissy, watching gay porn is nothing new.  However, i lumped in a lot of sissy, fem-boy, and trans scenes where i focused on being a sissy and submitting to women.  Instead, Goddess Mandy wanted my focus on the men.  There is no better way to do that than only seeing men, especially when the men are fucking each other with their big cocks.


Goddess and i thought about how long this schedule should last.  When She proposed 45 days, i suggested more time was needed to see real effects.  She agreed and wonderfully doubled it to 90 days.  As of this writing, i am 60 days in.  Goddess asked me to write about how things are going and any noticeable changes…below are the things I’ve noticed so far.


Twinks and jocks have become my go-to scenes, especially when the guys are fit and toned.  Big cocks are a must!  Part of the schedule also includes tracking my orgasms and any videos that catch my eye.  Now i have a long list of favorites at my fingertips.


Even though i’m a sissy cum slut, i’ve become more focused on fucking, especially doggy style.  The best scenes for me are where the top physically imposes himself while pounding the bottom (in my mind, me) as hard and deep as he can.


Men and cocks are on my mind throughout the day, even if i am not watching gay porn.  Images of men, cocks, fucking, and balls slapping creep into my thoughts throughout the day and in the middle of the night.  Focus on work can be challenging.


Another realization is that i am attracted to men’s bodies and their cocks but have only recently focused on their faces.  By focusing more on male facial features and attractiveness, i find myself seeing men and thinking about if i want them or not.  Romantic relationships with men are still not of interest to me, but men can use me and fuck me as hard as they want.


While some may think this schedule is easy, i had many times when i wanted to quit.  Goddess Mandy was always there to support and encourage me, reminding me how beneficial this training is for me.  As She and i talked, i realized what is really missing is the visual stimulation of strong, intelligent, and beautiful Women to make it easier for me to fantasize about idolizing and worshiping Them.  The sissy in me wants to be Them, and the submissive in me wants to kneel and submit.


This exercise has reinforced my submission to Goddess Mandy.  Her pleasure and of those She lets use me is primary.  Any pleasure i derive is completely secondary.  It’s always a jolt of satisfaction to hear my Goddess respond to me with praise or especially, “Oh God, that’s really hot.”


Lastly, my humiliation kink has increased.  my clitty should only cum with men while keeping me pussy free.  The only pussy would be if my Goddess allows me to worship Her pussy with my mouth.  Writing this post and my other stories Goddess Mandy has published publicly labels me a pussy free cock lover, especially to all the Lovely Ladies of LDW.


So what does the future have in store for me?  Will i ever actually go gay for my Goddess in real life? Will i ever truly want to?  Who knows?  All i know for sure is that i have at least 30 more days of stroking to cock, men, and hot gay sex.


Thank You, Goddess, for all You do for me!

sissy cum slut melody


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO

PS. Keep an eye out for melody’s 90-day update! Unless of course I decide to up it to 120 days?!?  Hmmm…that is definitely not the worst idea that I’ve ever had! 😉