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All In The Game Rolls On…


After what seemed like an eternity, Charles heard the soft knock on the door of his room.  He was more than a little embarrassed as he went to open it as the little pup tent in his pants was now quite evident. He opened the door and Lisa breezed into the room.  The . . . → Read More: All In The Game Rolls On…

An Inconvenient Tree Update :-)


So with life being crazy, as it often can be, a few weeks later we finally did connect with our next door neighbors.  We walked over twice that first week but knocking on their front door brought no additional information nor closure to the situation.  It was our yard…but clearly we now had . . . → Read More: An Inconvenient Tree Update 🙂

All in the Game

Suzanne was standing at the hotel bar with some friends after the dinner. Bryan had gone up to the room a bit earlier.


Her phone chimed and she stepped away and answered it.




“Hi, is this Lisa?”  She smiled as she recognized her husband’s voice.  It was all part of . . . → Read More: All in the Game

Humiliation Whore…His Story Continues

During our sessions I always make him play with his ass. He just LOVES it! Sometimes it’s his fingers that go exploring and other times it’s his wife’s hairbrush handle! No matter what I tell him to do…he does it with such incredible eagerness and gusto!! 


To ensure that he does not get . . . → Read More: Humiliation Whore…His Story Continues

The Ultimate Humiliation Whore

So I think that I would like to begin with a tiny little disclaimer…This is by no means your usual and customary Goddess Mandy post! OK…and now that we’ve got that out of the way…let me share.


This total and complete humiliation whore asked me….no, begged me to share him with all of you! . . . → Read More: The Ultimate Humiliation Whore