Hmmmmmm what are they? You are wondering, aren’t you?!?

Okay, I will share!

Well actually, I will share the first of 4 with you.

You’ll have to wait patiently for the other 3. ūüėČ


Let’s start at the beginning: cuckolding…I LOVE cuckolding!¬† I love just saying the word.¬† Whether you have a tiny lil dick or not, the thought of another man completely having his way with your woman¬†is almost unthinkable right?

But for you it’s not. For you it’s¬†ALL different, isn’t it?¬† It’s your sexiest, hottest, naughtiest fantasy come true!¬† It’s taboo, but you want it!

And if she’s in the mood, you’ll get her ready for her evening out by preparing her sexy body just for him!¬† You’ll help her shave her legs and then her pussy, you’ll¬†even help her select the sexiest bra and panties you can find.¬† The ones that will be enjoyed and¬†removed¬†ONLY by him!

And when that door closes and locks behind her, you’ll be thinking and wondering…going a lil bit nuts¬†is probably more like it!

Wondering to yourself, is she with him right¬†now?¬† What are they doing?¬† Is she sucking that big beautiful cock¬†she’s told you¬†all about?¬† Is he fucking her right now in every position imaginable, including the one she loves¬†most – doggie?

Will this be the night that I finally get to see it?  Will she actually bring him home? Home  to OUR bed?!?

And as you lay¬†there on the couch, mind racing forward on all of these sexy¬†questions, you hear the key in the¬†lock and the handle turn.¬†¬†The hairs on the back of your neck stand up as your brain is filled with the¬†clicking of her shiny black heels, her sexy voice echoing¬†down the hallway, “Honey, are you still up? I want you to meet someone!”