you have five vacation days that you need to use…

fly into Logan by mid afternoon on day two…

get a rental and check in at The Hilton on Pond St…

further instructions later…

packing list to follow…

Goddess 🙂 XO


I did share with Her needing to use these days or lose them, yet, i would never in my wildest fantasy believe i would ever get such a note from my “Best Friend (with benefits)”. i immediately scheduled the fight and booked a room and car.


That evening i received Her packing list by email. She closed with three commands: Fly in your green lace thong beneath your travel clothes. Go directly to the hotel upon arrival. Pick up further instructions at check-in.  


As the appointed day approached i set about combining Her requirements with other necessities into a substantial packing list. i scurried about and set to buying pretty new things, finding lost toys from our early days, and a few other items. i checked and rechecked the list as i carefully placed each item into my bag. Toiletries with extra razors, bath salts, and scented body lotion accompanied the usual make-up bag.  


We touched down right on time and i hurried to get my rental keys while waiting on baggage to be dropped. i grabbed my bags and set off to find the car, then the hotel. The drive seemed to take forever as my mind raced wondering what Her instructions might be. Perhaps W/e would meet for drinks and/or dinner? Perhaps W/e would go dancing? Or perhaps W/e would just sit and talk as we so often do? Or perhaps She would want to share romantic and intimate caresses? i knew just getting to see Her face and feel Her touch would be worth the trip.


Check in was efficient and the staff had a legal sized manila envelope with my name and my room key. i was so tempted to rip open the envelope there in the lobby, but decided to prolong the torment until in my room.


The instructions were as follows…be clean inside and out, insert a medium sized butt plug, wear your green velour bra and panty set under under your clothes, bring all the items from My packing list, and arrive at the provided address promptly at 9 p.m.


That gave me about 4 hours to get ready and be at Her door. my phone happily informed me that Her address was a mere 15 minute drive from the hotel. Next, i returned to the lobby and asked the concierge for directions to the nearest flower shop. Luckily, it was only a short walk, since rush hour was nearing its peak. i hustled there and was fortunate enough to find exactly what i was looking for… a nice bouquet with greenery and yellow daisies with a large sunflower rising in the center. It seemed most appropriate. i passed a wine shop on my way back and picked up a bottle of Gewurztraminer as a gift for my Goddess.


Upon returning to my room, i called room service and ordered a burger and fries with a couple of Sam Adams. While waiting on room service, i took the opportunity to cleanse my insides with a Fleet. i waited on the bed, ass in the air waiting for those magical liquids to do their job. During this time i began my Tantric ritual of deep breathing and muscle contractions that I find goes hand in hand with this cleansing. I quickly showered and washed my shoulder length salt and pepper hair. 


I dried off hastily and put on the provided robe just as room service delivered the food. As i enjoyed my dinner and drink, I again checked to ensure i had everything. Next, i ran a bath with salts while i prepared my small overnight bag. I was so nervous I decided to place it in front of the door so as not to leave it behind.


When the bath was drawn, i climbed in and once again began my Tantric ritual of deep breathing, exercises, and chakra mantras.


Then, the arduous task of removing as much hair off my face and body as i could possibly reach. Upon completion of making my body as smooth as possible, i drained the tub and showered off.  Now it was time for body lotion. I was particularly careful going over my groin, already rigid in anticipation. Lastly, I blew dry my hair adding a few ringlet tresses with my curling iron.


It was now time to get dressed and the first task was the plug.  After some lube and patience, I was full. i stroked the soft smooth feel of the green velour bra and panties as i put them on. Over this i put on a white dress shirt with small green pinstripes, a shamrock green tie, and my grey flannel trousers with suspenders. This will be my only chance to make a good first impression in the flesh.


I looked at the time and saw it was only an hour until i was to be there. More deep breathing and some witnessed consciousness to help me relax. I then grabbed the wine and flowers from the fridge, my suit jacket from the bed, and the bag in front of the door…depositing the wine for ease of carry.


 As I made my way through the lobby…the thrill of my naughty little secret nearly overtook me! 🙂 



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO