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You Don’t Have To Be Anything For Me…


You don’t…I promise!  And for those of you who already truly know me, you are probably perfectly clear about this!


So if you’re wondering…what the heck does that really mean…I will explain myself more fully.  What I am trying to say is that you don’t need to identify yourself in any which way.  There is no need in my mind that you put a “label” on yourself.


You don’t need to call me up and say…”Goddess, I’m a little sissy.” Nor do you need to call me up and say…”Goddess, I’m a faggot.” Nor do you need to call me up and say…”Goddess, I’m a  cross-dresser.”


Now don’t get me wrong…it’s OK if you call me up and say any of these things or identify yourself in some other manner.  But, I want you to understand that it’s not at all necessary for you to do so.


I don’t want you to feel constrained in any which way by a label…or in thinking that you need to act in a certain manner or be something that you’re really not.


You can simply be YOU and all that you are, and all that you’re not, and all that you might wish to be.  And whether that’s in fantasy or reality, that is ALSO completely up to you! 🙂


We are ALL complex beings with lots of interests and desires!  And honestly… Sometimes you feel like a nut…Sometimes you don’t! *wink*


Just cum as you are…THAT would please me the most!!!






10 comments to You Don’t Have To Be Anything For Me…

  • That is wonderfully put Mistress Mandy. I agree completely. I feel phone sex is sort of like going out to eat at a really awesome restaurant. You are the chef and can prepare pretty much anything. Sometimes you might feel like a steak, while other times you want pasta. Sex, at least is that way for me too! XOXOX Great post!

  • Rick

    That is so cool …thanks!

  • Petey cream puff

    I agree with his as you’ve told me this many times. My masseuse also said the same thing as well. Just be myself and no one else. When I told her and you that I like to wear women’s clothes I was scared about both of your reaction but the 2 of you are non judgemental and have been supportive of me. I used to be scared about what others think but now I don’t care. If im not hurting anybody or doing anything illegal then I’m ok with it. I told my masseuse that I’m not gay but wearing women’s clothes/bras/dresses relaxes me and I feel and sleep better. She even picked out tops and dress for me to try on along with my dresses. We are going to go dress shopping in which she wants me to wear dress or women’s top/leggings with boots and to get makeover. She said not to worry about her husband not what others think as I’ll be with her. Since I came out of closet to her its massive weight lifted off my shoulders and I can be myself with her as we have had great girl talk about dresses/lipsticks/perfumes/bras.

  • Panteezd

    Dear Mistress Mandy
    This is one of the things I really enjoy about talking with you, no judgment and no being put into a ‘box’.
    Thanks for the incredibly erotic chats we have enjoyed. Awesome doesn’t describe the experience adequately.
    Mindblowing gets a little closer. And this, despite your currently personal challenges.
    Thanks for the delicious experiences on Skype and your intelligent manner of teasing a horny boy so delectably.
    You are an incredible tease……
    Stay well and keep doing what you are doing both on the line and in your private life.
    You seem to have the ability to maintain the balance and share life’s pleasures and pains admirably.
    Your teased pet

  • Mandy

    Thanks Ms. Simone! 🙂 I really like your take on my post. Connecting things to food is never a bad thing, lol. And that’s right….we don’t ALWAYS want the same exact thing every time!

  • Mandy

    Thanks Rick…I’m glad you like my post!! 🙂 I absolutely mean every word of it.

  • Mandy

    I am SO happy for you, Petey!!! It really is freeing to just be able to be our authentic selves. I am glad that you’ve always felt that with me! 🙂

  • Mandy

    Wow!!! Thank you SO much for your beautiful thoughtful kind words! 🙂 And you are most welcome! I love knowing just how much I drive you mad. And, I think you understand just how much I enjoy being such a cock tease…especially where YOU are concerned. Balance is not always easy…but I do always strive for it! Thank you! 🙂

  • kneelcc

    Yes Goddess, it is true that i have come to know and love You well enough over these past four plus years that i feel truly valued as a unique individual. You have diligently taken the time to “peel back the onion” to expose, and know, the real me. Thank You.

    Your mention above of labels does though remind me of some of our brief early sessions where i felt the need to communicate my needs in a concise method to optimize my investment. i know that You are different, but i remember other Mistresses i have called who often voiced frustrations at my open ended plea of “i’ll do anything to please You Mistress”, in preference of specifics.

    i also know that the examples You used above: sissy; faggot; and cross dresser; all cause me to envision certain preconceived stereotypes that may appeal to those who enjoy being humiliated.

    These can at least be a starting point of discovering such a wonderful world of naughtiness. You know i find some aspects of these stereotypical characteristics as turn ons for me, while others do nothing for me.

    You have been most patient in helping me to carve out my unique niche as an individual kinkster. i love that You have helped me discover and routinely facilitate our play all along the kink continuum from slow seductive love making to the hard core BdSm of a dungeon.

    Thank You for providing such a thought provoking topic and reminiscent journey down memory lane. Most of all, thank You for helping me to discover and develop all the unique traits of kneel and neelia and loving me so completely.

  • Mandy

    kneel, you NEVER cease to amaze Me! YOU are always so incredibly thoughtful with you words and your actions!!!! I am truly glad that My post provided you with a walk down memory lane. It sounds like it was a nice one. And you are most welcome, you know just how much I love exploring with others! And, I am just SO very glad that I have helped you to discover and develop all of those wonderfully unique traits that are all YOU!! YOU are very easy to love! 🙂

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