What do I keep?  What do I give away?  What do I sell?  What do I simply throw away?


It seems like it should be so easy…so why isn’t it?!?  Because things have meaning…special meaning…sentimental meaning…memories are often attached to our “stuff”.  So this can make it hard to part with our things.


John and I are having a yard sale this weekend…so are many in our neighborhood.  It’s a wonderful event that is put together by a fabulous realtor who lives around the corner from us.  Anywhere from 8-15 families have participated in past years.  This year looks to be big, once again.


Why am I sharing this with you?  Why do I think this is important?  I think the whole yard sale process from buying to selling speaks volumes about who we are and how we look at our possessions.  There are those that live and breathe for yard sales.  They check out the ads days in advance and plan their route.


But I am more interested in the casual everyday person who is simply driving by and has the time to stop.


A yard sale can give you a glimpse into the intimate artifacts of a neighbor and a window into your own desires.  If you are the shopper, you are welcomed in to the sellers world but are looking to satisfy your own needs and desires.  If you are the seller, you are looking for that delicate balance of getting rid of what you no longer need yet holding onto that which is precious and holds dear memories.


What we are willing to sell and what we are willing to buy says so much about our internal selves.  Can we let something go and yet still hold onto it’s memories?  Can we buy something and fulfill a desire?


Life is not about the items that we buy, sell, or keep.  It is about the memories and the feelings that we hold dear. Objects are only as precious as we make them.


We all need to determine what is most precious to us.  If you can find your precious and hold it dear, you are truly fortunate.  If you can let go of what you do not need, you are truly free.


I hope that the next time you pass a yard sale or maybe part with something that you once held dear, you consider these thoughts.