Me too!!!  Here are some tips that I found in Polly Campbell’s article:


1. Really examine your value system It’s hard to behave authentically if you are less than aware of your values and desires.  It is not uncommon to cling to values we were taught as a child.  But, in order to live more authentically, we need to reevaluate what feels right to us now and align our actions around those things.  Knowing what we truly care about will help us immensely.


2. Keep an open mind.  Authenticity flourishes when we experience the world more wholly (i.e. lots of different perspectives).  If our thinking is too rigid or narrow-minded we run the risk of being trapped in judgment and limitation.  Often, this can cause us to shut down our vulnerable, authentic self.   Challenge yourself to look at all sides of a situation.  Do your best to be open!


3. Fill in the blank: If you really knew me you’d know this: ___________.  This is a prompt Robbins gives to seminar participants (but I really think you can use this prompt at anytime to think more deeply about yourself).  Not only does it prompt introspection and allow people to reveal essential aspects of themselves, it also builds trust, credibility and confidence with the person you are sharing it with.  Authenticity sometimes feels scary and vulnerable, but it also helps to build greater intimacy.


4. Notice when you are being inauthentic.  Robbins suggests that you pay attention to those times when you are insincere in your speech, or when you are acting in a way that doesn’t align with your core values.   Take a step back to look at and think about what fears and beliefs might be getting in your way during these moments?


5. Trust your intuition.  Often we feel out of sync when we are acting inauthentic. Things just don’t feel right.  Pay attention to these hunches, impressions, and physical sensations.  They are often your instincts telling you that you are not being genuine.  When you are on track and authentic, you’ll feel this too.


And lastly, I would feel remiss if I did not share what Robbins says about the process…it just makes so much sense to me!!!

“Who we are evolves and changes,” Robbins says. “This is a dynamic process and one we can keep moving into at deeper levels.  This is less about a destination than a journey of going deeper to keep discovering and unfolding new pieces of ourselves as we go.”