Hey!  For all of you who might be going into severe withdrawal now that Mandy Madness is over…I just might have something for YOU! 🙂


I didn’t want you to worry that ALL of the naughty fun would be over. So, as I shared in one of my previous posts, I have most assuredly been thinking of just what might be be fun!


And here is what I’ve cum up with…my fun little game.  And it goes like this…Beginning on tax day (April 15th) if you’re the “right” caller you will get 5 Free Minutes (essentially 5 minutes of your call will be on me)!


And now you’re asking, “OK Mandy, but what makes me the “right” caller??”  I am SO glad that you asked *wink*.  I know that many of you know that my favorite # is 7, right?!?  And if you somehow missed this little piece of information about me, now you know, lol.  Ohhh and I have a “thing” for multiples of 7, too!!


So here is the deal…if you are my 7th caller of the day, or my 7th caller of the week, or my 14th caller, or my 21st caller or my 28th caller and so on…YOU get those 5 minutes FREE then and there on the spot!


So, as you can clearly see, I can play this game in soooo many fun & different ways!  And there is no way for you to know if you’ll be that “right” caller.  So, I guess there is only one thing to do…take a chance and CALL ME!!!


Of course I know that you want to call me anyway, but this just makes it even more fun to pick up the phone, doesn’t it??? And I learned from many of you that a little competition (in this case a little chance) is never a bad thing! 🙂