Is it an unexpected visitor who accidentally stopped by? Not likely with my Goddess, the planner. Perhaps She has invited one of Her vanilla girlfriends over for a show or to please Her? Or maybe another Mistress? Oh, now that sounds like a challenge. Maybe it’s a kinky couple for Her to play with while i watch?

And then the heavy footfalls, alongside Goddess’ clicking stilettos, coming down the hall- letting me know with certainty that the visitor is male.  

Her absence seems forever, but is probably only 10 minutes. Here i am in my feminine finest…plugged, clamped, and caged with instructions to keep my hands on the back of the chair. She told me we’ll both be disappointed if She has to cuff me for moving them. i am a good subbie and vow to keep my hands on the chair.

The door opens and Goddess introduces me to Michael, Her Bull. He smiles as he takes in my predicament. i wonder if this a first for him, too? He appears to be about my age and size, only with short lighter hair. They step inside and i admire how handsome he is. Piercing blue eyes and an easy smile, he nods in acknowledgment, but doesn’t speak. Goddess embraces him in a very passionate hug and they kiss. Not the friendly peck i got at the door, prolonged and sensual. i can see their tongues dancing together, happily. Their bodies shift as She pushes Her thighs on either side of his thigh, as they push against each other in the most salacious manner.

I watch as Goddess frantically unbuttons his pressed white button down. He is in good shape. Not the six pack of a gym rat, but a firm belly without love handles.  Once the shirt is peeled off and dispensed with, She begins on his belt and black jeans. He kicks off his shoes as She begins to push the trousers off his waist. As She slowly slides them down, i see how he got his name. Though not hung like a horse, he appears to be nicely endowed. At least eight inches in length, and almost as big around as the plug in my ass.

Goddess directs me to let go and turn sideways in the chair as She breaks the embrace and props Herself up on the bed. Even though Michael is very turned on, Goddess of course wants to see me fluff him for Her.

I nod my understanding as he approaches. i begin with a flick of my tongue on his sensitive slit, getting my first taste of him. i kiss up and down each side of his cock, ending with the dragging of my tongue up the thick full vein on the underside. i open my mouth and try to kiss my way down his length. my mouth is full and i can feel my eyes watering as i try not to gag. i do my best to relax my throat and swallow him as deep as possible. i see Goddess out of the corner of my eye and She has taken off everything except Her panties. She seems to be enjoying the show as She languidly stokes Her puffy vulva through the sheer fabric crotch. i see Her give them a tug as She makes them look like a thong between Her lips and cheeks.

After only a couple of deep swallows, Goddess calls me greedy and assures me that i will taste his seed later. She beckons Michael with a crooked finger. Then, almost as an afterthought, She removes Her panties, and comes over and tells me to turn facing the bed. She crams Her delicious wet panties in to my mouth.  Again She commands me to put my hands back at the sides of the chair and to not move, or else!


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO