Yes, I know…we ALL know the next words right?!…MAKE LEMONADE!


But what does this really mean???


To me it’s ALL about our attitude!


So when life gives you lemons, what do YOU do??


Do you pull the covers up over your head and say, “I am not getting up!”


Do you kick, and scream, and cry saying, “It’s not fair…why me?!!”


Do you resign yourself to thinking and feeling and complaining about how awful it is and then do nothing about it??


Or,  perhaps you will decide  to make a different choice, knowing it’s likely not going to be easy nor fun.  But also knowing that somehow, you WILL get through it!


So…you WILL make that lemonade…AND that lemon tart, AND those lemon squares, AND that lemon meringue pie, even!!!  🙂


And realizing that everyone has challenges in his or her life…their own proverbial “shit” that they need to work through, hopefully makes you feel a lil bit better.


So, recently, a big bag of lemons was thrown my way!  And I will admit there have been moments when I could have let their sour burning bring me down.  But, while they are sour, they are fresh and bright.  And while they burn they liven your senses.


As with any adversity it is not the adversity itself but how we meet it and challenge it that determines our ultimate sense of well being, and in turn our overall happiness.


So, I have decided…I am going to use those lemons for ALL they’re worth!!!  🙂