Mandy felt some trepidation and fear as she headed for the elevator. She tried to think who was near her when she told he husband she wanted the jewelry.  It was all a blank now.


As the elevator rose she took off the earrings she was wearing and put the other on.  The tingle of excitement was growing as she walked down the corridor, her hips beginning a lewd sway. She reached the door, took a deep breath and knocked.


The door opened, and she walked into the suite. She smiled and gave the man from the patio a soft touch to his cheek. “I had this feeling I would see you again.”  


He turned his head and kissed the palm of her hand. “This is twice out of your husband’s sight in one day. He must be very understanding.” A soft laugh escaped her lips, “No, he is just very submissive.”


“You must be very sure of yourself or not think much of me,” seeing the velvet case, two crystal flutes and a bottle of champagne chilling on the table.  “Oh no, the champagne is a gift from the hotel and you are certainly a beautiful and intriguing woman. There aren’t many women who would dare to wear a dress like that to this event, and even fewer who could pull it off as well as you do.”


“Thank you, kind sir.” She stepped to the table, picked up the bottle and as she looked into his eyes, she opened it and filled the two glasses and handed one to him.  


“To intriguing women,” he said as he touched his glass to hers and they each took a sip. “You took a big risk buying that out from under my husband.” He chuckled and shook his head, “Actually, there was no risk at all.  I have friends in high places and he gave me the set to give to you. They have your husband’s credit card number, so it was going to be yours from the very start. I just had to take a chance of seeing you wear them tonight.”


Her head tilted back, and she laughed remembering the conversation with John.  “I do need to learn to be a little more discreet.” “Please don’t. You will take the enjoyment out of life.”  


Mandy set her glass down and picked up the case. “I suppose the least I can do is give you that.” She turned and went into the bedroom, closing the doors behind her.


He sat and waited…wondering what she was doing in there.  Finally, the doors opened…


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