It’s kind of a funny question, isn’t it?!  Because I often think… we just don’t know what we don’t know, lol.   Sounds  a bit nuts but if you think about it, it really does make sense.


But perhaps the better question really is, “How much do you REALLY know about Me?”


So, I came up with an idea…Let’s Play 20 Questions and find out!


And to make it even more fun…the person who has the most correct answers wins 10 FREE MINUTES with Me!  🙂


Here are the Rules:

(1) All responses must be emailed to Me with subject line “What I Know About Goddess Mandy”.

(2) All responses MUST be received by midnight on Halloween.

(3)  If there is a tie…the first submission will be the winner.

(4)  The winner agrees that I will share his/her first name only on a subsequent blog post.

(5)  The winner will be notified on or around the 1st of November.

(6) The winner will have the month of November to use his/her FREE 10-minutes.

(7) Lastly, you may seek out answers by whatever means you wish…BUT I will not share a thing. *wink*



    Here are your 20 Questions: 

  1. Where was I born (state is fine)?

  2. How many brothers and sisters do I have?

  3. What is My favorite color?

  4. What are My 3 favorite TV shows (hint…reality)?

  5. What is My very most favorite (sex) toy?

  6. Who are 2 of the Mistresses that I have gotten to know quite intimately?

  7. What is My favorite number?

  8. What is My favorite position?

  9. Which would I prefer…to feed you your cum OR to deny you release?

  10. What is the name of My boyfriend?

  11. Which part of a man do I find the sexiest?

  12. Have I ever walked naked on a beach in broad daylight?

  13. Which can I tolerate better…sweltering heat or frigid cold?

  14. Which would I prefer…calling you a worthless piece of crap OR telling you that I am proud of you?

  15. What 2 degree’s have I received (partial credit may be applied)?

  16. Who is My favorite artist (singer/songwriter)?

  17. Have I ever participated in a gang-bang?

  18. Have I ever been to a swingers party?

  19. Who is My favorite team?

  20. Hunky, well-hung bad boy OR Smart, sensitive, geek…who do I choose for a date?


                                                            Good Luck!!!  🙂