We entered what could best be described as a small sitting room.  She led me to the small couch and introduced herself as Veronica. She sat next to me and began to explain some of what was happening.  I had entered a house of BDSM. A smile came to her lips as she inquired if I know what that term meant. I replied to her question that yes, I was familiar with the term.  


This was a professional endeavor with a staff of Doms, Dominas and submissives, she explained. It was owned by the Maitresse or as she is sometimes called Goddess. There were also some people of either sex who could switch and play either as a Dominant or a submissive and the choice of what and who was mine, if I desired.  Some close friends of the Maitresse would also meet their clients here and conduct their sessions in the well appointed rooms. The house was well known throughout the BDSM community.


Veronica then told me that a session with a Domina had been arranged for me. If this was something, I did not want I was free to leave. Should I stay, I could choose another Domina who might be more of my liking or even one of the switches or submissives that were here tonight.


I sat back trying to digest all that she had just told me.  I was wondering who could have arranged this for me. It was not something that I had professed an interest in to anyone.  I asked who did arrange this and was told that their confidentiality agreements prevented her from saying so and offered an apology.  I would have to wait until my benefactor decided to reveal themselves, if they did at all to me.


My mind was spinning and I asked if she could give me an idea of what the session would entail.  She smiled and nodded. Veronica then went on to explain that there would be no illegal activities. There would not be any sexual activity between us; that would be against the law. She told me we could go as far as I wanted to go within that broad parameter.  I would set the boundaries of what was acceptable and she or another Domina, if I desired, would work within those limits to give me the flavor of BDSM and hopefully a very enjoyable and satisfying experience.


Her fingertips lightly brushed my thigh and she asked me if she was acceptable and if I wished to continue.  


I told her I did.


We spent the next few minutes talking about what I liked and more of what I did not like and what were absolute no’s. All the while her hand was on my thigh and I could feel my arousal growing. She then stood up and told me to wait here, she needed to prepare and would be back in a few minutes.


It was very difficult to sit still and I stood and walked around the room.  On one wall there was a bookcase and I perused the titles. There were a mixture of titles, some reference books, some works of fiction, classic literature and a volume or two on human sexuality.  


I heard the sounds of heels clicking on the hardwood and turned towards the door. The curtain parted and Veronica entered the room again.


I am sure the shocked look on my face amused her. Her hair shined, it was pulled back in a ponytail that reached the middle of her back.  Her makeup accented her deep blue eyes. Gone was the pale pink lipstick having been replaced with a deep red color. Her lips looked full, ripe. I could feel my teeth nibbling on my lower lip as I became enthralled by her beauty.


She now wore a sheer see through black blouse, under the blouse was a black lace shelf bra that held her lovely, pert breasts.  Her nipples were totally exposed and growing hard. Over the blouse was a black under-bust corset with burgundy brocade accents, her fingers and hands wrapped in black lace. A black pleated miniskirt barely covered the firm round ass. Her long legs were wrapped in black fishnet thigh highs. The hem of the miniskirt just covering the lace tops of the stockings.  My eyes drifted down her legs to the 5” stiletto heeled shoes.


I simply froze where I was standing.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO