My breathing became deep and I shook with anticipation as Mistress Veronica led me from the room and up the stairs.  She brought me to a room with French doors and slid one open. I tried to look around as I entered the large room.


The room was a mixture of red and black.  At one end there was a large four poster bed. Here the posts and upper frame was made of steel and there were a number of hooks attached to the crosspiece above the foot of the bed.  There was a large cage in one corner of the room and another large wood frame in the shape of an X in an opposite corner. I was told that was called a St. Andrew’s Cross.


An assortment of chains, ropes, floggers whips and canes hung from racks affixed to the walls. There were a few dressers and cabinets as well as some pieces I did not recognize and could not fathom their purpose.


Her voice was matter of fact when she told me to go to the center of the room and take off my clothes.  I was to fold them neatly and place them on the chair she pointed to and stand in front of the cross with my back to it.  


As I was waiting for her, Mistress Veronica was going through one of the dresser drawers. I could see she had taken an assortment of cuffs from the dresser.  She then stopped at one of the racks and picked out some chains and brought them to the table by the side of the cross. She took my arm and placed one of the leather cuffs on my wrist.  The cuff was about 3 inches wide and two buckles secured the strap that went around it.


She was very careful not to secure it too tightly and asked me if it was comfortable. After my positive response, she repeated the process on my other wrist and both ankles.  


Her fingertips returned to my cheek for another caress. As before she held her palm over my mouth. I tilted my head forward and placed another soft kiss to her palm. Her fingernails turned to my chin and began a slow winding route down my neck to my chest. “Very good, puppy.  You are taking well to your training and I am pleased with you.”


My heart skipped a beat with her praise. She gently pushed my back to the cross and took a chain and my wrist. Having lifted my arm up and away from me she secured it to one arm of the cross. Then after securing my other wrist and ankles in a similar manner brought her mouth to my ear and whispered, “Yellow if the restraints become too uncomfortable, puppy.”  “Yes, Mistress, I understand.”


There I was totally exposed and on display for her, my cock fully erect unable to hide it.


I felt her tongue flick at my ear, then her teeth closing on my earlobe causing my body to jerk and my cock to twitch.  This seemed to amuse her as she teased me again. “Oh, so very sensitive” she purred into my ear, then gave me permission to look.  


Lifting my eyes, I could see her reaching to the cuff on my right wrist. She was standing very close to me and would brush up against me from time to time.  It quickly became quite evident these touches were not accidental.


Her nails turned to my arm and began a slow journey down the length of it. As her nails moved back and forth over my armpit I never realized how sensitive it was.  As her nails traveled over me she would purr so softly “Pleasure and pain, pleasure and pain.”


Mistress Veronica soon found my hard and sensitive nipple. She started with a gentle roll and then a quick sudden pinch that elicited a wince from me as my body jerked in reaction to it.  “Pleasure and pain, so intertwined. One enhancing the other. The body becoming so alive as it begins to yearn for it crave it. Soon not able to distinguish between the two. Yes puppy, pleasure and pain.”


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO