She was standing so close to me then, her lips placing soft kisses on my cheeks, over my jawline as she petted me.  “You are my good boy. I am so pleased with you, so proud of you.”


The hand that was holding the blindfold began to rise.  Her voice piercing the fog that surrounded my brain. “Just relax for me; close your eyes for me.” She began to rub the silk blindfold against my cheek.  “See, it doesn’t hurt. This is what it is like just softness. I am here for you, puppy. I am not going to leave you.”


She then dragged the black silk over my forehead, over my eyes.  She was holding it up to my eyes. “May I puppy? Please? Will you do this for me? Just for me. Just for a little bit. May I, puppy?


Eyes still closed I nodded.  The feeling of defeat swallowing me whole. Nothing left, but the shell of a man whose will had been broken.  A man who needed to please one above all else. One who just wanted to hear he was a good boy. I could feel the blindfold being tied behind my head.


I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, feet spread arms pulled up and away from me, darkness enveloping me.  The only thing I could feel was the touch of Mistress’s fingers in my hair.


Suddenly, I felt her touch on my cock and balls.  Her fingers then released the harness freeing my cock and balls. Moans of pleasure escaped my lips. Her voice teasing me again, “I am sure that feels so good, doesn’t it puppy?”  “Yes Mistress, it feels so good.”


“How does this feel, puppy?”  I then felt the strips of the leather flogger fall upon my thighs.  At first it was a mild caress, the tails just dragging over my thighs.  The slaps became a bit harder; the sting beginning to flow through my flesh.  My body jerked as I felt a finger brush my left nipple and Mistress Veronica’s mouth take the other.  


“Pain and pleasure, pain and pleasure.” It was her mantra and she began to repeat it over and over as the slap of the flogger varied from harder to softer with me never knowing what would come next.


Through all of this I thought I heard the door to the room slide open. With all the sensations and the way my mind was floating, I could not be sure. With what I was experiencing and feeling, I really didn’t care. All I wanted was Veronica’s touch, her praise even her humiliation of me.


I could feel her hands on the cuff holding my right wrist to the cross. She was unbuckling it and my hand fell to my side. A purring sound escaped her lips as she rubbed the circulation back into my wrist and hand.  


She brought my hand to my cock and asked me if I wanted to touch. “Please, Please Mistress” I moaned. A kiss to my cheek followed as she whispered in my ear, “You may, but do not cum without my permission.”


My cock jerked and twitched as my fingers moved over my cock.  I just rubbed my cock, caressed and squeezed my balls. The desire and need that had been building was finally allowed to be quenched.  


Her voice echoed in my head, “That’s it puppy… feels so good doesn’t it… so big… so hard now.” A finger swiped over my cock and then I heard the sounds of soft sucking.  “Go ahead good boy, taste it if you want. It’s alright, if you want it. Do you want it, John? Hmmmmm?” “Yes” I moaned “Yes, I want it.” I swiped the leaking precum and sucked my fingers like it was the first thing I had to eat in days.


My finger slipped from my mouth and I was bringing it back to my cock when I felt Mistress’s hand on mine as she told me to stop.  She was not going to spoil me this early. She lifted my arm again and clasped the cuff to the cross.


My desire was burning, and I wanted to touch and taste again.  My hips started to grind as I pressed them forward. She laughed so sweetly as she placed her hand on my chest and pushed me back to the cross. “Puppy” she cooed, “you are such a little needy slut.”


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


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