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Now being able to appreciate what She had to work with, Goddess told me how much She had always visualized me sucking cock for Her. And what a rush it would be to actually cause it to occur. And seeing me spit roasted between Her and one of Her well-endowed favorites, or another Mistress, was straight out of Her fantasies as well.


Goddess Mandy Gives Directions

She directed Brendan to step around by my head and for me to show Her just what a good little cock sucker i would be for Her. i reached out with one hand and wrapped it around his thickness, while holding the phone. i proceeded to do my best to outdo every cock sucking scene i had ever watched in any genre of porn. It was the taste of his precum on the first swipe of my tongue that clearly brought approval from Goddess!  Then my lips, tongue, mouth and hands went to work when he became cameraman, as well as porn star. I needed to show Goddess Mandy the extent that i would go, to give Her pleasure.


I worked Brendan’s head and noticed the different taste and texture as i explored the big vein underneath, demonstrating my deep throat abilities with minimal gag. Goddess encouraged me with salacious comments and told me that i was making Her proud. She liked that i licked and sucked his balls without being told. She asked him how i was doing and he responded with “Best Ever”.


Preparing For His Cock

She had him increase the tempo of the dildo that was stuffing my ass, so to truly spit roast me on cam for Her. When my friend started to peak, Goddess took control and had me stop my ministrations, pull myself off the tool, and lay next to the machine on my back at the end of the bed. While I was doing this, Brendan got himself ready with a condom and some lube.


Goddess told me to relax and get ready as She commanded him to make me Her slut and fuck me for Her! She told me to visualize that it was Her energy cock stretching and filling me. Even after the machine toys, it took a couple deep breaths to accommodate his girth. But Brendan’s thick head finally made that inner ring ache and pushed through. His shaft sank quickly and deeply until his hips were against the back of my thighs. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and pulled me against him, as my feet were up in the air by his ears! I could hear Goddess’s ecstatic encouragement, he showed neelia what it was truly like to be fucked like a girl.


I Got To Worship Goddess

At this point Goddess decided to leave the fucking to him and told me that i had earned the honor of worshiping her moist and blossoming womanhood. She slowly settled onto Her throne of my talented mouth, tongue, and lips. i happily know the drill. After so many lessons I have learned how to touch, kiss, suckle, and lick. She then moved forward a bit to allow me to pleasure Her ass, using the proverbial come here motion with two fingers to stimulate her G-spot and help Goddess ride the edge.


This visual became too much for Brendan, who was cresting the edge yet again. Goddess recovered enough to command me on my knees. I instinctively positioned myself on the floor, mouth eagerly open, and tongue out. Just then, Brendan whips off the condom in time for that first big dollop of jism to land well back on my eager tongue. Goddess cheered each successive spurt of spunk, until i finally flicked off the residual ribbon and showed my mouthful of cum to Goddess. She once again voiced Her approval of my efforts to fulfill Her fantasy as She instructed me to now swallow. The sounds from the phone indicated that Goddesses’ compliments weren’t empty words when breathlessly uttered.


Unfortunately as we know, all good things must cum to an end. Our allotted session time was running short, but we had just a few moments of gratitude and aftercare to reorient to gravity . There was much agreement at the time that this had been ”Fucking Hot!” and that we should try it again. However, the next time, Brendan wanted me to be Goddess Mandy’s surrogate and have the opportunity to bottom. So that is another story for another time, but I will share with you that Ms. Scarlet joined us for an encore later in my trip.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


A Gift for Goddess Mandy