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I then woke up Brendan. He was feeling a bit iffy before his first cup of coffee.  As we straightened his bed room, i reassured him there were no expectations and to just enjoy being present in the moment. He unpacked the machine and made sure it worked. i spread out towels on the bed and floor and unpacked the Swiss Navy lube and condoms i had picked up during my shopping spree.


That moment to be fully present in eventually began at the appointed time, when Goddess Mandy joined us in Skype. After initial pleasantries and reassurances to see where the energy might lead us, my friend created a delightful show and tell of his sex machine. The first attachment that he shared was the fleshlight vulva, which was deemed inappropriate at this stage. Next, he shared the two small tapered gel insertables, one smaller than the other. Then there were two cocks, one black, one white, one a bit longer, the other a bit thicker.


Goddess then took control and told Brendan to take the camera.  She wanted to see me on the different attachments, as She controlled speed and depth vicariously through him. He had already succumbed to Her spell and gladly offered to assist in every way possible. Being able to provide a visual image to my Goddess to embellish our future virtual visits was immensely stimulating. And Her gratitude fostered pleasure of my own. This is when we played David Bromberg’s “Use Me” as i began a slow, sensual dance reveal of neelia in her matching green lingerie and black thigh highs. These were secreted beneath my clothes.  It was clear that Goddess appreciated the significance of my efforts.


Now She was ready for the main event, at least that is what we thought then. She directed me to remove my panties so She could inspect what was beneath them, front and back. Then She had me put condoms on all the dildos, and to apply a bit of lube to two fingers.  Following Mandy’s direction, i began to feel Her spreading the lube around, guiding my fingers around, and then into me. She watched me repeat this, adding another finger and copious more lube.


When She was satisfied that i was well lubed, She had me lube the smallest pink tapered cone. i was then directed to turn around, bend over,and back up. She told Brendan, who was already mesmerized by Her dominance, to assist with the alignment while She got a birds eye view. Next, She had me gently lean back until i was able to slide all the way down to the thickest end. She was patient, as it had been a while since i had stretched. When i was able to take all six inches, She had me slide away until only the tip remained before telling my friend to start slow. Goddess directed Brendan to gradually increase the speed and thrust, to see the limits of the machine. OMG! my clitty was so hard, i was glad for the towel as my prostate was pumped repeatedly.


Eventually, Goddess wanted to see the next size. i was in the bliss abyss of subspace at this time and barely able to assist my friend as we switched to the next thickest toy!  This one had the noticeable lump in the center.  Before applying lube to it and me, i resumed my position. i bent over and began to back up on this intruder, a beautiful extension of my Goddess. The thought of Her penetrating me so deeply that She touches my root chakra occurs after the wake emanating from the center of my chest. An implosion quakes my body within a minute or so of being stretched even wider, and opened up for Her enjoyment!


i was now riding the roller coaster of implosions, absent of coherent thought! I was quickly able to accept the BBC after re-lubing. When Goddess had worked through all the speeds of the machine, She picked a slow steady thrust and told me to take the camera. Seeing me bent over in ecstasy, being impaled for Goddess, was having an effect on Brendan for sure!  He is a bit shy, yet it only took one word from Goddess to overcome. “Strip”, She said, to which he complied with a “Yes Goddess”.  i then heard an audible gasp as She was clearly appreciating the girth of his 7 inch manhood’s huge mushroom head, as his shorts fell to the floor.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO

PS. Did you know that I participated in an all male gang bang?!? Hot?!? Ask me about it…if you wanna know more… 😉

A Gift for Goddess Mandy