I know these chances have you wondering.

And this title has left you pondering.

What my Goddess has in store for me.

At the very beginning of 2023.

Well this poem is to entertain.

But it will also serve to explain.

Here is my idea of a little game.

That offers you a chance to claim.

To claim a free call with me.

A free call to start 2023.

So here is how the game is played.

First a call must be made.

A call on the seventh of December.

To win this is a date you must remember.

For each and every 15 minutes we share.

You get a chance – that sounds fair.

A chance to win a free call with me.

A call in January 2023.

You can text, Skype, or of course call.

This contest is open to all.

Again the number for a chance is 15.

Not 10, 12 or even 14.

No rounding up my friend.

It must be 15 in the end.

But don’t let that get you blue.

Because 30 minutes gets you two.

This is great as you can see.

Because 45 minutes gets you three.

How can you get more?

Well an hour will get you four.

So play with me on my special day.

And you may win while you play.

My special day you must remember.

My special day – the seventh of December.


So yes of course the 7th is my special day!  And nothing could feel more right, so let’s play! And since my little poem was a bit unclear…you could win 23 Minutes of Free for the new year!!! Here are the rules for a chance or more, follow them wisely…I always keep score!


  1. Every 15 minute Call/Skype/Text Session gives you 1(entry) chance, 30 minutes= 2 chances, 45 minutes= 3 chances, 60 minutes= 4 chances
  2. There is no rounding up…44 minutes is 2 (entries) chances.
  3. I will do my very best to be available. However, I would highly suggest that you make an appointment with me for a session of 30 minutes or more!
  4. I will hold the drawing on or before December 15th and notify the winner directly (if I’m able). If I am not, dispatch will be aware of the winner so please do check with them!
  5. I will post about my special day, including a winner being notified (with no name) before January 1, 2023.
  6. The Free 23-Minute Call must be used between January 1, 2023 and January 31, 2023.
  7. IF I have just an AMAZING day I may decide to draw a 2nd Free 23-Minute Call winner!

Chances, Chances…Let’s Toast To Chances!!! 🙂



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO