He came into the kitchen and saw Lisa and her friend Karen sitting at the counter having a drink.  Lisa’s skirt was riding up her thigh as she sat on the bar stool.


He strode over to Lisa, and as he bent to kiss her, his left hand slid down her back.  His right had slipped beneath her blouse and the silk camisole she wore. He cupped her breast and his thumb brushed over her nipple. He then pulled her breast from under the camisole and left it fully exposed as Karen looked on in amazement.  


“How is my good girl?” he asked as his lips softly brushed hers. “I was good,” she replied, “but I am much better now.”


He simply turned to Karen and asked of her day.  Her mouth was still open as she stared at Lisa’s bare breast crowned by the hard nipple. He just laughed and teased her asking if she had ever seen another girl’s tit before.


Karen leaned back in the stool telling him that, of course she had, but never like this.  He chuckled and remarked on the sheltered life she must have lead and went to pour himself a drink.


Karen stuttered as she asked Lisa if she was going to cover herself up. “Not unless he tells me to,” was the reply. “He likes me this way.” Lisa then went on to explain to Karen that she was Doug’s submissive, and he was her Dominant.  


“So a real life Fifty Shades,” Karen joked. “Something along those lines,” was the answer, “but not quite.”


By now, Doug had returned to them and stood behind Lisa.  He took a sip from his glass, and rather than set it down, he draped his arm over Lisa’s shoulder and held the cold glass against her nipple.  Lisa almost jumped off of the stool and Karen shivered as she watched the display.


Doug teased her again telling Karen it seemed she couldn’t keep her eyes off of Lisa’s tit and asked if she wanted to touch it.  Karen sat transfixed not sure of what was happening and what she was feeling other than the tingling that had started in her pussy.  


She could only shake her head softly. Doug kept at it, telling her he could tell that she really wanted to and not to be afraid to give into that desire.  


He smiled at her and nodded his head.  He told her it was alright and for Karen to touch Lisa’s nipple with the tip of her index finger.  Karen slowly lifted her hand, her eyes moving between Lisa’s eyes and the hard nipple. Lisa arched her back and scooted to the edge of the stool.


“C’mon, baby” she purred, “it’s ok. I want you to touch it, too.”



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO