Although I was very much hoping that YOU would share your thoughts with me…your thoughts and feelings on living an authentic life…I think I will take some additional time and space and share more of mine with you. 🙂


Living an authentic life is NOT in my opinion something that is necessarily easy to do.  At least not all the time…not always.  There are most assuredly risks in being this open and honest with those in our lives, especially those that we know can hurt us the most.  It’s risky to speak our mind when the fear of anger, hurt, or rejection may seem so great!! But, what do we lose if we don’t?!?


I think that often we try very hard to please others (not a bad thing) that sometimes we can lose ourselves and what we truly want and maybe need, what truly feels good and right and happy and authentic, for us!


And I am not saying that we shouldn’t compromise…far from it.  Life is absolutely about compromise!  But, I believe that there is a difference between compromising our desires (especially in the moment) and compromising our beliefs, our ideals, our value system!   The really important parts of us that make us so special and unique… those parts that make us who we are intrinsically at our very core!


If we compromise in this manner, don’t we run the risk of truly losing ourselves… losing our authentic self?!? What do you think?!?  Do you agree with my premise or do you have a differing point of view??  Please share your thoughts with me…I would LOVE to hear them!!! 🙂