i easily found the car and placed the bag and flowers onto the passenger seat. i started the car and plugged the address given into the GPS. It agreed with my phone on 15 minutes drive time. The drive there was easy and uneventful, except for the plug moving with each and every bump. i found the address with fifteen minutes to spare. More Tantra for me after parking two blocks from my Goddess’s home.


It was time! i pulled up in front of Her house at five till. i dabbed on some of my cologne and put in a couple Altoids to ostensibly make my breath better.  I was also hoping it would help my dry mouth, as i doubted i could speak. i got out of the car and straightened and buttoned my jacket. Oh, i better grab the keys. i go over to the passenger door and retrieve the bag and flowers. i check the time, 8:59 as i step to the door. Five more good deep breaths and the moment has arrived. i pull the wine out and hold it with the flowers as i knock seven times on the door.


The lump in my throat grew large as i waited. The butterflies in my stomach doubled with each approaching footfall inside. The handle turns and the door opens. There is my Goddess, more beautiful than Her LDW photos. Those eyes, that smile, with open arms of a best friend.  She is wearing a plush floor length robe, tied at the waist.


We hug. She gives me a kiss on the cheek, and accepts my gifts. She invites me into a well appointed living room, but doesn’t offer a seat. She bids me follow as She puts the wine in the fridge and the flowers in a vase. As we catch up on life and family She gives me a quick tour of the house ending at the master bedroom’s closed door. She then provides me an opportunity to use the restroom, which i desperately appreciated.


After finishing my business, i again cleaned myself, tidied my suit and stepped out. She was still standing at the door to the bedroom. As soon as i approached near, it was as if someone had flipped a switch. In only an instant, my loving and cheerful best friend ‘s face tightened. She locked eyes with me, and in a stern voice commanded me to remove my outer clothing.


There was no misunderstanding that tone. Hurriedly, i rid myself of my coat, shoes, and socks. i was trembling with excitement as i fumbled with my tie, but it was easier to get off than were all of the tiny buttons on my shirt. Finally i got the cuffs open and the top two buttons undone so i could at least get it over me head. More fumbling now with my pants. i tried to fold the clothes and stack them neatly against the wall, but the pile wouldn’t pass a barracks inspection.


Finally there i was, kneeling, head bowed, eyes down, wearing the lingerie set i had looked so long to find, worshiping my Goddess. i could feel Her power building as i sensed Her pulling all willfulness from my belly chakra. i gave it freely, for my only purpose tonight was to leave my Goddess as satiated in Her mind, body, and heart as She so desired.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO