Thank you to ALL of the amazing people in my life who have helped me, supported me, and loved me!

 Hoping for a joyful, peaceful, fun-filled, healthy holiday season!

 Appetites a plenty…turkey, stuffing, butternut squash, mashed potato, cranberry sauce, gravy and more!

 Nap time for Uncle Charlie, he’s snoring on the couch, lol.  He had 3 big slices of Aunt Sara’s delicious pumpkin pie!

 Kids running inside and out…all over the house… trying to be patient for the desserts to come out!

Save room, save room, save room” says Aunt Peg, I made my delicious brownies because last year you all begged!

 Give of your time, give of your energy, give of your money, give of your love, just give…there is ALWAYS someone             that needs it and will appreciate you for it!

 Interesting stories around the table…but cousin George always tells the most colorful tales!

 V is for vegetarians, they are welcome to share the table with us.  All are welcome on this day of thanks and                       throughout the entire year!

 Ice-cream and apple pie…ohhhh yes please a large slice and scoop for me!

 Never pass a fellow traveler in need…there are times when we all have a need and times when we all have an                     opportunity to give!

 Good tidings to all and to all good cheer, as we move in to the darkest and coldest time of year!


Happy, Healthy, Safe, Yummy Thanksgiving!!!!