You are probably thinking to yourself…what the heck could Goddess Mandy be talking about?!?



Well…while I might have promoted ten for our “10 Free Minutes” on Wednesday…Seven is the number that holds a special place in My heart!



Honestly, I am not sure what it is about this number but I find it so very lovely and have for as long as I can recall.  Maybe it’s My European heritage but I am very partial to the French 7 with it’s slash across it’s midriff which emphasizes it’s power, strength and importance.  Although it is not the curviest of numbers I must say that I find it rather sexy, indeed. 🙂



Seven sings to Me and always has…it calls out to Me and always will.  I use 7’s in everything I do…everywhere that I go!  Seven is happiness, excitement and comfort, all wrapped up in one.



And if you have known Me for any length of time you likely have noticed that I almost always count in multiples of 7…7 slaps, 7 spanks, 7 kisses, 7 pinches, 7 clothespins, 7 cocks, 7 loads of cum!



Mmmmmm I like this list….YOU??



So, I challenge you to find…



7 Ways to Please Me!


7 Ways to Serve Me!


7 Ways to Honor Me!


7 Ways to Respect Me!


7 Ways to Worship Me!


7 Ways to Amuse Me!


7 Ways to Make Me Smile!


So here you have it… My list of 7 ways to please Me.  You are welcome to choose 1 but encouraged to find one of your own!  I am easily pleased but will reward those who find a unique and personal way to make 7 even more special to Me!  🙂