What the heck am I really saying?!?  Well, what I am trying to share with you is that I am going away for a few days (leaving Friday) to explore and embrace the 7 R’s…..Yes 7 of course, lol.


I will be reading, resting, relaxing, recharging, recreating, rejoicing, and reciprocating.  Ohhhhhh lol, and if that last R sounds a bit sexual…you are most definitely on the right track! 🙂


I will be all cozy in a cute little cabin in the woods…with my honey, of course.  And I can’t wait cause it’s gonna be great!!!


So, if you’re at all wondering how this time away could possibly involve YOU, here’s how…I will be available for some scheduled calls. Meaning, you can reach out to me (via email only) Or dispatch Or live help to set up an appt with me while I’m away!  We are ALL more than happy to help you do so!


Now….you may not find me available, especially if you wait till the last minute to put in your request.  But if you plan ahead, even just a little bit….even just a couple of hours…I just might be able to accommodate you and your desires!


Just think about that….your Goddess sitting on the beach with the warm breeze blowing through her hair…..sipping on that cool delicious elixir and whispering sweet and naughty things in your ear…Ooooooooh how yummy!!!! 🙂