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Take some time just for YOU!


You deserve it…We all deserve it!


As some of you know, my birthday was earlier this month and I really wanted to celebrate it in style!  However, that weekend was not a good time for me/us to celebrate, nor were subsequent weekends for that matter.  So… we decided the only thing that made sense was to wait for the holiday weekend and really make it a fun little getaway!  And that is JUST exactly what we did. 🙂


Although if I am being honest with you and myself it wasn’t easy to just turn it all off…to tune it all out…to leave it all behind… even for just a few days.  Especially with all of my recent family upheaval.


And, what I believe makes it even more difficult is that I am such a caregiver by nature.  And John even more so that I.  We are definitely the type of people to put others needs before our own. And sometimes this can get in the way of taking care of ourselves.


I even considered turning off my phone for the entire weekend so that nothing and no one could dampen our plans.  It was really important to me that nothing ruin my birthday celebration.


But I didn’t turn off my phone…it was on all weekend long.  And happily nothing and no one put a damper on the celebration.  We had a beautiful special weekend together!  It was fantastic! 🙂


So take some time just for YOU!

Do it…YOU deserve it!

Unplug for just a little while…even if it’s just a day…it will all be there when you get back…and YOU will feel all the better for doing it!



6 comments to Take some time just for YOU!

  • Mistress Mandy,
    It is so important to take time just for yourself. Getting a bit of pampering, whether it’s the spa type or the naughty kind is rejuvenating for us all. You’re right that most of the stuff we thought was so important can wait until we get back!

  • Oh Mandy, you DO deserve it! So sorry to hear that things have been rough for you. I hope they smooth out and the path gets easier. I hate it when life throws us curve balls. But I know you will be back on top in no time. I am so glad you got away and celebrated YOU, the amazing woman that you are!xxoo

  • Mandy

    It is….glad you feel this way too! 🙂 And I did enjoy a bit of pampering while we were away celebrating. A nice hot tub and couples massage with my guy…it doesn’t get much better than that!! 🙂

  • Mandy

    Thanks for your wonderful sweet words, Ms. Meredith! Yes, I would prefer that all of the curve balls be thrown on the baseball diamond. However, we both know that life is not like that always. But it was SO wonderful to get away and celebrate ME!!! 🙂

  • Petey cream puff

    I totally agree about this!!! Health is #1!!’ If your not healthy you can’t do anything! everyonebjn my family/co workers thrive on chaos which I done and I hate! I do massages 3x week for 2 hours with hot stones and it feels great and it’s major reason I’m healthy and never sick. Family/co workers always tell me it costs to much and I need to cut back. I tell them no way. It’s better then going to bars/drinking/doing drugs. Also now that I told her about my crossdressing she’s taken control and looking after me with how I spend my money and wants to take me dress shopping and get makeover. She’s the sister/mother I never had and we are also going to be co owners of coffee shop. She will be part of my life for a long long long time and I’m really happy about that!

  • Mandy

    Good for you, Petey!! What is important to you is not often going to be how others view things. And it’s your life so if you want to get a hot stone massage 3X/week why the hell not?!? It makes you happy and feels great so who are they to say. It’s your money and your life so you should live it as you choose!! And I’m glad you’re so happy! 🙂

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