That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the sun or the outdoors.  And it certainly doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy some good vibrations!!! 🙂


Yes that’s right… I am on the letter “V” 🙂  And when I think about Good Vibrations…the Beach Boys always come to mind!  Ohhhh and well…my vibrator too, lol!


So whether it’s summertime and the weather is hot or the wind is whistling through the pines on a cold December night… it’s always a good time to relax and play and feel those good vibrations!  Naked and sweaty on the couch or peeling away those layers in front of that roaring fire…either way…mmmmmmmm so nice!!


Vibration can be such a lovely part of strap-on play.  It’s certainly not a necessary thing but it can so heighten your pleasure.  Actually both your pleasure and mine.  And all of those wonderful vibrations tend to have the added effect (at least on me) of making me extra horny!


So you might not have a Theremin and your might struggle in the music making department, but if you add vibration to your strap-on play you will certainly make your heart sing and perhaps a few other body parts as well!  So grab some batteries and turn that dial to high. Let’s see just how much pleasure we can have!


Don’t be shy….cum and share one of your sexy strap-on tales with me!