She sat on the couch, like a cat, extremely comfortable in her own smooth skin. Her sexuality eminently evident, legs provocatively crossed left over right – high revealing a lot of her gorgeous left thigh, her tanned smooth skin above the patterned stocking tops at the very top visible to me, her pet.


Her garter straps, stretched taut were black in accordance with the sensual stockings which followed the alluring curves of her perfectly shaped toned legs accentuated by a sexy seam.


She knew I was watching her intently, that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She flexed her foot a little in her extremely high stiletto strapped heel accentuating her muscular legs under the silken cover of her black stockings.


I grew even harder if that were possible. But she ignored me in her erotic sultry manner. Making me want her even more. She knew how badly I needed release, to masturbate for her. Or for her to masturbate me! How erotically wonderful that would be. Mmmnnnhhh!


Of course, I was naked on the chair opposite, as she always made me sit – wanting to see my ‘state’.


“Mmm, I feel like a foot massage my pet”. She lifted her high crossed left leg a little flexing her heel fully. “These heels are so sexy and high, I know. But they aren’t really comfortable, for my feet that is” she giggled still not looking at me. “Perhaps not for you also huh?” she smiled seductively, knowingly, as those stilettos completed her sexy form perfectly.


She peered down her legs admiring them and her heel, full red lips parted, licking them, sensually, whilst almost revealing her cynosure to me at the bottom of her tight dark blue mini dress – but expertly denying me the panty view I wanted sooo badly.


It was so short, it really fitted the descriptive word ‘mini’ and of course tightly fitted her sexy curvaceous body too. Perfectly. She was drop dead gorgeous, but also extremely sexy. An unusual and very powerful combination. And of course she knew it. 


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. Thank you for all of your stories thus far…they are great!  Please keep them cumming!

PPS. Thank you also for being thoughtful about and attentive to my summer schedule!