Did you see it?!?  Did you watch it on TV? Were you outside? Were you at work? Did you take the day off or maybe even just the afternoon off? Did you make a “total” plan to see the total eclipse of the sun yesterday? Or maybe you made a “total” plan to see the partial eclipse of the sun yesterday? Either way, it’s something that you wanted to do…something that peaked your interest enough to put the wheels in motion so you could feel it and be a part of it!


Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones, living right in that total path OR simply needing but a short drive to get there?!? How fantastic and awesome for you!!! Or perhaps it was SO important and meaningful to you that you drove or flew for hours to get to a town that would see darkness even for just a minute or two in the middle of the afternoon!!! Wow…that is excitement…that is commitment, good for you!


John and I considered going south for a number of weeks back in June and July. But we weighed it all out…pros and cons…and decided (even though a bit sad) that we would stay local and figure out a way to really enjoy that which we could.


So, I found an email in my inbox just after the 1st of August telling me about a special solar eclipse schooner sail. I was SO excited…so was John!! We didn’t book it for a number of days… and the morning I tried, the boat was full! 🙁 Noooooooooooooo can’t be!!!!


Well, I called and left a message asking if they would put us on a waiting list…no call back for two days!  And then the phone rang and a lovely female voice explained that they have two spots that opened up and would we like them? OMG….like them….yes please!!!!


So, we left the house yesterday (with plenty of time…or so we thought) and then a huuuuuge back up for miles…construction of course! PANIC!!! “Go faster honey please, if you can!”  Total and complete stress on his face…..”I can’t believe we might miss the boat!!!”


“We’re not going to be able to wait for you today, I’m sorry” said Andie as I tried to explain and gain sympathy for our highway peril. I looked at the clock….about 8 minutes to spare. I couldn’t even recall exactly how to get there, OMG!!! But one last call reassured us. It was the captain who picked up the phone.  He was so nice and so calm…guiding us right “in”. “You’ll make it” he said.


We pulled into the next door lot…John parked, I paid for the tickets, and together we raced to the dock! Last to board but who cares…we made it, PHEW!!!


It was such a gorgeous warm sunny day and we were out on Gloucester Harbor (one of my most favorite places in the world). We had our special viewing glasses, John next to me sipping on his Harpoon, and me on the captain’s delicious rum punch. Without a doubt…all was now right with the world!! 🙂


Do you have a solar eclipse story that you’d like to share??  I would love to hear it!!!