“I” is for that necessary action of……………………..INSERTION!!


So when it cums to strap-on play obviously nothing much can happen without insertion, right?!?


Although, where exactly this lovely strap-on dildo is inserted is of course in question and something to be discussed, lol.  This cock-like attachment (AKA Goddess Mandy’s Strap-On) can certainly be inserted into your ass,  a beautiful luscious pussy, or your hot lil eager mouth!  🙂


Mmmmmmm…and I have to say that ALL of these possibilities sound absolutely delicious!!!


Now, with insertion, especially if anally…certain things need to be considered.  One is that you are physically prepared both beforehand and during the process.  When it comes to beforehand I am speaking of taking an enema (see my post from 4/28/16) so that you are completely cleaned out!


Secondly, plenty of time should absolutely be taken to additionally prepare “the area” before you go for the gold!   This preparation speaks to lubing, opening, and relaxing those muscles so that they are ready and wanting!  🙂


So, how does one really do this?   Well…there is no one right answer but let me share a few possibilities:

1)  Insert a butt plug an hour or more before the main event!

2)  Insert an applicator full of lube (never too much lube)!

3)  Use one or more fingers to open and stretch!

4)  Use a smaller dildo or vibrator, again to open and stretch!


So, now that you’re bent over and completely ready for insertion…what are your thoughts for J??  Are you gonna wanna jerk off while being penetrated?!?