“Excellent! Next question. Lately, melody, you’ve been so good, I have not had any reason to punish you. In addition to your regular teasings, don’t you think it is a good idea for me to spank you and conduct CBT sessions with you? Of course, the preferable outcome is lot of tears from you.”


This time, Goddess Mandy delivered an even harder squeeze to my clitty, and i almost came without permission. In some ways, this question was easier than Her last question. Recalling the first time Goddess Mandy spanked me, resulting in me crying for her, i remembered how cathartic it was. “Yes, Goddess, Your idea sounds wonderful.”


“Ooooh, I’m so glad you agree, melody! You will be squirming for sure! And now my last question for you. This chastity period has been a little over two weeks. Don’t you agree your next period should be a minimum of a month, possibly longer?”


A fourth strong stroke, and i was rapidly losing control. At this point, i would have agreed to anything Goddess Mandy asked or wanted. “Yes, Goddess! The one month, minimum, sounds appropriate.”


“I am very pleased with your answers, my little sissy faggot. In exchange, you may ask me one and only one question, so make it a good one, melody.”


Goddess Mandy knew i only could ask one question and nothing else. With desperation filling my voice, i asked, “Goddess, may i please cum now?”


“Oh, yes, of course, melody!” Goddess Mandy’s strokes increased in force and in speed. Groaning, my balls contracted and my clitty exploded. Hot cum filled the condom, mixing with the large amount of pre-cum already there. Goddess Mandy made sure to milk every last drop out, and i shuddered with pleasure and exhaustion.


Maintaining my position on all fours, Goddess Mandy removed the condom, careful not to spill any of the contents. “Now, I know swallowing after cumming is hard for you, melody, but this is one of your key requirements in order to be allowed to have future orgasms. Just think about all of the cum you swallowed this weekend already. This is just another little bit to add to it.”


Taking the condom from Goddess Mandy, i quickly up-ended it, swallowing my still warm cum. It some ways, it was even more humiliating than swallowing all of the other cum during the weekend.


“Good girl,” Goddess Mandy praised.


After cleaning up, showering and shaving again, i submitted myself to Goddess Mandy for relocking. As the lock clicked in place and Goddess Mandy put the key necklace back on, She said, “A whole month – or more! This is going to be fun, especially in light of what you just agreed to.” Her devilish grin, combined with the idea of a whole month with no orgasm, gave me equal parts excitement and terror.


“Now, melody, lay down on the bed for me. I’m going to put that tongue of your’s to use now, all night, and in the morning.”


“Yes, Goddess. It is my pleasure to serve You.”


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO