“Hopefully melody left some cum in you for when you fuck her,” said Goddess Mandy smiling.


Thirty minutes later, i was on all fours with a lubed sissy pussy and Mark’s hard cock about to thrust into me. Fortunately, Goddess Mandy had fucked me with a strap-on bigger than Mark’s cock, so i was sure i could take it, but i was not sure i could take his enthusiasm. i was still fully dressed, minus my panties, and i could feel the weight of my large breast forms hanging down. The chastity cage and my tiny clitty dangled as well, with drops of pre-cum leaking out every few seconds.


Mark did not ask permission or even ask if i was ready, not that i expected him to. He simply guided his cock, slowly but firmly, into my sissy pussy. I relaxed, and he slid all seven inches deep inside me. Eyes rolling back and spine arching, i groaned as i enjoyed the feeling of his cock pressing against my prostate and the fullness in my sissy pussy. The warmness of his cock added something to the feeling i did not realize i was missing with Goddess Mandy’s strap-on.


Grabbing my hips, Mark proceeded to fuck me slowly, but strongly. Each thrust was followed by Mark almost pulling out and then another deep thrust in. As he picked up speed, Mark moved his hands from my hips to my shoulders, and then one of his hands wrapped itself around my throat. He pounded my sissy pussy over and over again, with pre-cum and real cum starting to flow freely from my clitty. I was so close to a sissy orgasm, but it was seemingly far far away at the same time, leaving me with only desperate wanting.


A finger from else where was pushing up on my chin indicating me to lift my head up. As i raised my head, i opened my eyes to see Goddess Mandy looking at me. “melody, look at Me while Mark fucks the last remaining manhood out of you.”


“Do you now understand why I always said you were meant to be a sissy and a faggot, as well?” A mix of a groan and a, “Yeesss, Goddess,” escaped my lips. Goddess Mandy laughed. “As if any woman would have ever thought of you as a man at any point, anyway. Especially not now! Now answer me, which do you like more, cock or pussy?”


Still struggling through the fucking, “Cock, Goddess.”


“Say it again, melody,” Goddess Mandy commanded.


“Cock, Goddess,” i screamed in pleasure.


“And tell me again, what is the path to happiness?”


“To serve You, Goddess.”


“Correct, melody! Which now also means serving the men I bring you in the sluttiest, whoriest, most debase ways. Do you promise to do that all for Me?”


“Yeesss, Goddess!”


“You always serve Me so well, melody. Mark, finish with her when you want.”


Mark did not last much longer, and i felt his familiar cock stiffening. I tightened my sissy pussy around his cock and tried to milk it as best as i could. One deep thrust later, i felt more hot cum inside me. Mark took a while to finish and eventually pulled out, leaving me to feel his cum start to run down my leg. When i looked down, i noticed Goddess Mandy had put a plate under my clitty, unbeknownst to me. “Well, go ahead, melody. Clean up your mess.” Horny beyond belief, i kneeled down to the plate and licked it clean.


Mmmmmm…I wonder what might be next for sissy melody? Stay tuned!


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO