So, last summer a story was submitted to me by one of my favorite client’s, and I absolutely love it!  I’ve decided (with permission, of course) to share it with you.  I’m thinking this could be the start of something really fun!


How about if I allow you (if you’d like) to also submit a personally written story to me? One that I will share with others on my blog if I so choose.  And, perhaps there may be a reward, if YOUR story is chosen.


And without further ado, Melody’s story begins:


Never had i gone this long locked up. After spending the last two weeks locked in my chastity cage, coupled with intense daily teasing and strap-on training sessions with Goddess Mandy, i was in a deep submissive state. She asked me to come to Her house on Friday after work to prepare for what She called, “an exhilarating weekend with Her.” Any time spent with Her is exhilarating for me, but i was not sure what She had in store.


When i arrived, Goddess Mandy, looking always lovely, asked me to quickly shower, shave, and change. She had already laid out my favorite outfit, the slutty sissy school girl outfit, complete with tartan mini-skirt, stockings, high heels, a set of double D breast forms, and a platinum blonde wig. When i came out, She was packing more of my outfits into a small weekend bag with toiletries. “Put this and My bags in the car, and let’s go. We don’t want to be late.”


As Goddess Mandy drove, i was glad it was dark and we were driving towards a rural location. No one would be able to see me dressed as slutty sissy school girl. Goddess Mandy only provided silence when i asked where we were going or what She had planned for the weekend. When met with silence, i knew enough not to keep asking or risk severe punishment. We eventually settled on talking about how our week had been and other minutiae.


After an hour or so, Goddess Mandy pulled the car off of the two-lane highway and onto a smaller country road. A few more random turns, and i was completely lost, especially since i was not allowed to bring my phone. After more miles, Goddess Mandy pulled into a long gravel driveway with thick trees lining both sides. The blackness of the trees and the driveway seemed to go on forever. Finally, the trees broke into a clearing, and Goddess Mandy pulled the car next to a large cabin and stopped the engine.


“Please grab our bags and bring them inside, melody.” She stepped out of the car and entered the cabin without me. In my high heels, i struggled with walking and carrying our bags but somehow managed. A cold wind kept blowing up my skirt, and i felt my clitty shrink against its metal chastity cage.


This is only the beginning for melody, but hopefully you’ll be waiting and wondering on what will happen next…stay tuned! 🙂  Would you like to see your story here?


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. And now there are 4 winners in my odd contest. Yay!