Everyone left to go recover in their bedrooms while i was left to tidy up the living room, which smelled of sweat, lube, and cum. I laughed at myself when i realized i was wearing my sissy maid outfit. As i was cleaning, i heard the sound of more fucking down the hall. It did not take long to figure out it was Goddess Mandy and Marcus. This was not a surprise to me since i knew Goddess Mandy was very interested in large cocks, especially big black cock, and Marcus definitely met that definition.


Eventually, Marcus satisfied Goddess Mandy, probably multiple times, and She summoned me to Her room. Entering, i saw Goddess Mandy in Her full nude glory on the bed—long thick raven hair and large firm breasts.


Lowering my head and eyes, i said, “Yes, Goddess? How may i serve You?”


“melody, you’ve been so good keeping things clean around here. Could you help me clean something else?”


“Of course, Goddess. What would You like me to do?”


“Lie down on the bed here so I can sit on your face and have you clean out my pussy. Marcus left quite a mess in there, which I’m sure you heard him making.”


“i’m grateful You are allowing me to serve You and Your pussy, Goddess.”


Goddess Mandy quickly mounted my face, and i could tell Her pussy was still gaping from Marcus’ big cock. She alternated between pushing and relaxing until huge drops of cum dribbled into my mouth. i was surprised Marcus still had so much cum left in him after he used me twice and so thoroughly. Once the drops stopped, my tongue probed Goddess Mandy’s pussy to suck out even more cum, while She started grinding on my face and squeezing Her breasts and pinching Her nipples. Goddess Mandy continued until She came three times, after which, my jaw was completely tired. All of the cock sucking from earlier was not helping my jaw either.


Both of us were sweaty and smelling of sex. “melody, why don’t you also help me with getting me cleaned up in the shower too?”


Goddess Mandy had never given me such an honor before, and i jumped at the chance. While She got the hot water going, i took off my sissy outfit, leaving only my chastity cage. Goddess Mandy washed Her hair and then handed me Her body soap. With my hands lathered, i caressed, cleaned, and worshiped every inch of Goddess Mandy’s body. When i seemed to spend too much time on Her breasts, She said, “melody, you are such a boob girl! There are other parts of me to be washed too, you know?”


Embarrassed, i apologized and moved on. “No need to apologize, my little sissy faggot.” She then grabbed my chastity cage and balls and whispered in my ear. “Maybe those boys didn’t completely fuck all of the man out of you.”


We finished in the shower, and i helped Goddess Mandy dry off and blow dry Her gorgeous hair. Goddess Mandy climbed on the bed. Taking a risk of not asking first, i started to massage Her feet. Since She did not tell me to stop, i kept massaging up Her legs to Her back and then to Her shoulders. When i finished, She was sound asleep, so i gathered my things to go back to the living room and change into a new, clean sissy outfit.


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