She deftly returns to the bed as Michael gently caresses and strokes his way from their kiss around the outer margins of each breast…a gentle suckle of Her nipples and then a wet tongue across Her belly button to the loveliness between Her thighs. She raises each leg and places them over both his shoulders as he begins to service Her in a manner that i wish i could be doing.  

As She has him eat Her pussy, She notices my squirm. Using the command voice only afforded to a Goddess, She calls my name. i freeze. my hands are still where they were, but i did move my ass slightly in the chair.  She rises up and comes to tug my nipple chain and tells me to be still, or leave. She says i need to be punished for moving and yanks the nipple clamps from my now inferno nipples. Oh the burn as She laughs, the sound i love. She then gets the clover clamps from the bag and places them in the super sensitive same spot. Only now, She shows me the eight ounce metal ball as She hooks the weight to the chain between the clamps. i groan in anguish, but it’s a good groan.

i sit still as She reaches down and uses Her delicate finger to swipe the dollop of precum on my lips and i know to clean it off. Satisfied that i have been suitably warned, She returns to Her bull lying supine on the bed, telling him She is ready for more than his talented tongue.

She turns Her back to me, straddles his hips, and grips his pole as She slowly impales Herself on his cock. She begins to descend slowly and gently settles until Her pussy is flush against his pelvis. His mammoth rod is now balls deep in Her. She is taunting me about how good it feels; how stuffed She is, and how much She likes it big. She begins to post like an English jockey at a trot. Getting faster and more powerful with each plunge. As they near their climax, Goddess turns around so She can look at me as She is wantonly impaling Herself on Michael’s massive cock. Ingraining in me just how good She feels being this full, something that i could never provide. 

Their breaths and movements indicate they are both getting close. It is now that Goddess beckons me over, pulls Her wet panties from my mouth, and tells me to worship Her clit and pussy lips while She is so full. i rush to comply and wedge my head into their union and begin worshiping Her clit as i always told Her i would. i mix the clit flutters and sucking with a bit of licking Her labia. i admit, i can’t resist an occasional tongue drag on his cock as he pulls out. i have to be careful though, he is pounding so hard i don’t want my head to be crushed. And then they both grow spasmodic in their movements as i feel the strong pulses as his cock paints Goddess’ insides with his jism as Her vulva quakes…assuring me, She too had cum.

i stay in my place as he softens and wrap my lips around as much of his massive manhood as possible. i try to catch every flavorful drop of their yummy juices. As his flaccid cock slides out with a “POP”, Goddess tells me to turn over and put my head between his thighs. I immediately obey. As She slides forward over my face, She kegels to expel a huge dollop of their cum into my eager mouth. She lowers Herself even more and directs me to use my tongue to clean every drop of semen out of Her. i revel in the opportunity to finally get to worship my Goddess’ body. 

i do my best to mimic the motions and sensations i have always tried to convey with my energy during our many kinky phone sessions. In less than five minutes, Her panting turns into a familiar high pitched squeal, rewarding my efforts by flooding my mouth with a large dose of Her delightful nectar. She pushes Herself off my face, leaving me with that freshly glazed donut feel.  

It takes only a moment to give Her next command. “Get bull ready to fuck again!” Once again i relish their flavor as i use my lips, mouth, tongue and hands, to make him stiff again. i do what i know i like and then every other thing i have seen or imagined that would feel delightful as i diligently work his member back up to a state of complete arousal. Goddess wants and needs more…indeed She will have it! 


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO