Yes, it’s true!  My LDW 6-year Anniversary was in March and this Anniversary is in May!


Can you guess what it is?!?  I bet that I am stumping ALL of you on this one, lol. 🙂


Okay, I will just tell you…


Remember way back when how so many of you were asking me why I wasn’t blogging like the rest of the ladies?!!  And then one day, miracle of miracle happened… I finally posted something!!!  And I know that day you all heard the angels singing when you saw it, right?!?  *wink*


Well, I am guessing that there were no lovely angels singing BUT I do recall that there were some quite surprised readers, for sure!  And quite honestly, you had every right to be surprised because I went 5 years being the “rebel” Mistress, as I often self-proclaimed! 🙂


But I love it and I am SO glad that I finally said, I am doing this!!  It’s been a wonderful way to share more of me with all of you, and that is absolutely priceless to me!


I have recently enjoyed sharing My ABC’s of Strap-on Play (and for those of you following along you know much of the alphabet is still left to go) as well as finding quotes that deeply inspire and move me.  And of course there have been many others as well.


I think many of you know by now that I really enjoy feeling that you are with me on this journey and want to celebrate this wonderful anniversary with me!  So, I would  truly LOVE to know what post over the past year is YOUR favorite???   Maybe it was one that inspired you to do something different?  To take a risk that you normally would not have?  To see something or someone in a new light?  Or maybe it was a post that you found incredibly hot & sexy? Whichever and whatever moved you, I want to know!!!


Tell me, tell me, tell me!!!!!!!