John had given up his Saturday morning golf game to put the finishing touches on a presentation that would solidify the acquisition of the targeted company.  Mandy was off to the gym and then shopping with her friends.


She sauntered into the office and sat on the edge of the desk placing the shopping bags down.  Softly touching John’s cheek as he sat at his computer, “Did you close down all the porn sites you were looking at?” she teased.  


John swiveled in the chair and blushed. His eyes drawn to her skirt as it rode up her thigh. Her painted nail traced a small circle on her flesh and John bent dutifully to her and kissed and licked that spot.  


A soft purr escaped Mandy’s lips and she softly petted him while pulling the skirt higher.


As the hem of the skirt reached her waist, her thighs parted and John saw the deep purple lace thong she wore.  Accepting the invitation, he lowered his head and kissed the inside of her thigh at the inside of the knee. Then slowly licking up the creamy flesh to the lace, he inhaled her scent as he got closer to the treasure.  


His lips and tongue dragged over the lace as he worshiped his wife.


His fingers began to push the lace aside and Mandy’s fingers tightened in his hair holding him back, “Not today.  You have been a very bad boy. Bad boys get punished, not rewarded. You think there is a big load of cum in there, don’t you baby.  A load from that long thick younger dick that fills and stretches me. That dick that I want and need…that I beg for. Isn’t that right?”


John groaned as she held him from what he desired most at that moment.  


“You have been touching, haven’t you?  And going through my underwear drawer and laundry.  Were you looking for my dirty panties? Looking to see if they were cum stained?  Wondering who I was with when you were on your trips?


Such a bad boy. We need to do something about that, don’t we?” John could only lower his head and nod.


Hmmmmm…I wonder what Mandy is going to do?!? 🙂 



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO