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Saturday at the Office: John Learns his Fate


Mandy reached into one of the bags and took out a small box.  She told John it was for him and told him to go ahead and open it. Inside the box John found the chastity device. The look on his face said it all. “Go ahead slut and pull down your pants.”


The click of the lock closing on the device seemed like an explosion to John.  Mandy just grinned as she reached down and gave his balls a little squeeze.


“I got this one specially for you because it is plastic.  It also has plastic ties that can be used in place of the lock.  The ties are marked so I can tell if they have been changed.”


“Just think, you can have this on and go through airport security without any alarms going off.  No need to take it off and put it back on later, and it looks so cute on you. Your little dick all locked up now and I have the key.”


“Stand up, hands on the desk,” she told him as she stood as well.  Her hands moved over John’s ass as he bent forward. Her mouth almost touched his ear as she whispered.  


“Yes, my cunt is full of cum. Such a good workout… stretching… pushing…. using all my muscles as he put me through my paces. Then the private shower in the back. His hands all over me. The soapy washcloth rubbing over my back, my ass, my tits…then he reached between my legs.  He rubbed against my cunt lips and told me I needed to be clean there for him, too…clean for his long, thick cock. He would be the one to make me dirty.”


Reaching into her purse she took out the tube of gel and spread it over her fingers.  Her fingers spread John’s cheeks. “You’re going to be fucked like the dirty naughty boy you are.”


Mandy’s fingers moved between John’s cheeks and circled the puckered flesh. John’s body began to shake as he moaned at her words and touch. “You’re my bitch now,” a finger wiggling in the entrance of the dark tunnel.


“You have a boy’s cock on a man’s body. It is really too small to be a cock.  It is more like a clit, a little man’s clitty. Yes, that is what it is.”


Mandy’s finger began pressing in a little deeper. “This is your pussy. Every bitch has a pussy, a cunt to be used and fucked.”  Her finger now buried deep in his ass, moving in and out as he moaned, begging to cum.


Finally her finger slipped from his ass.  “Oh no. You are not going to cum. Not for some time now.  Go ahead, watch your porn, rub my worn, dirty panties over your balls, smell them, lick them if you want. But there will be no touching for you.”


Mandy’s hand lifted and came down on his ass leaving her hand print there.  “Break time is over now, back to work for you.”


Her hips swayed as she walked from the room. She stopped halfway out and looked over her shoulder at him with that grin of hers, yes that grin. “Yes darling, he fucked my ass. I begged him to do it. I gave it all to him.”


Mandy lifted her skirt and pushed the thong away as she bent forward a bit and squeezed her ass cheeks. “Oh fuck, you filthy whore.”  A drizzle of cum beginning to drip from her ass. “Isn’t that the way you want your wife to be, sweetheart?”



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. REMINDER- Now that summer is in full swing…what works best is if you’re scheduling! 🙂 




14 comments to Saturday at the Office: John Learns his Fate

  • Tom

    Misrtess I wish u would call me in ur office with my nylons and 9 inch high heels on

  • Mistress Amber

    Naughty and nasty and just the right amount of dirty that I was looking for this evening, Miss Mandy! Poor John is a helpless little bitch and his wife is a woman after my own heart. Love it! Can’t imagine how many at-home throbbers were hanging on every word you wrote.

  • I simply love reading about Mandy and John. When a man’s pants are down and he’s bending over with his puckered hole on display, it really makes it clear who is in charge. For a submissive like John, I’m sure it’s delicious to be owned the way Mandy owns him!

  • Mandy

    Ohhhhhh you little slut, I know just how much you would love me to bend you over just as I did to John. And it’s VERY clear to me that my finger would not be nearly enough to satisfy that needy hole of yours!!! 😉

  • Mandy

    Ohhh Ms. Amber…so glad you got the dirty that you were seeking! I think that you’ve got John and Mandy pretty well figured out here. And you’re probably right… John’s story likely did “inspire” at least a few. I love that you were one of them! 🙂

  • Mandy

    Ohhhhhhh boy, Ms.Piper…you sure have that one right! Clearly John knows it’s not him, lol! 😉 And I think delicious is a fitting word for both John and Mandy…wonderfully fitting for their very special kind of D/s relationship. 🙂

  • Tom

    Misrtess Mandy would love to walk in ur office with my nylons and 9 inch high heels on and a push up bra and u make bend over the office desk with my legs spread wide apart and teach a lesson and peg me and make ur OFFICE SLUT

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    Oh wow…great post. My cock got so hard reading this, my heart is pounding and god I wish I was John!!!

  • Mandy

    This does sound delicious, slut! I do SO love teaching…especially lessons of this variety!!! 😉

  • Mandy

    Thanks for stopping by, PlungerBoy. 🙂 I’m glad that your heart and your cock loved this post! I am guessing that you are not the only one that wishes you were John! 🙂

  • Tom

    I would love to walk in ur office with a short skirt on with my ass showing and my dick showing too with my push up bra nylons and garter belt and 9 inch high heels

  • Tom

    I can wear my nylons and push up bra and sexy lingerie and my 10 inch high heels and be ur sexy sissy faggot office slut

  • Super erotic writing on this chastity tale. I love new spins on chastity from each extreme. From gentle erotic to harsh training depending on the boy. One that I have would never like it soft, another on I own would never have it erotic. Different strokes, but in this case no strokes at all! Great post and thanks 🙂

  • Mandy

    It’s so true, Ms.Cassandra…we all do like something different. And John does have a flair for the super erotic…that is for sure! And you, are more than welcome. So glad you enjoyed it…stop by anytime! 🙂

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