Yes, you got that just right!  I am talking about Anal Stretching! And like myself, I know there are a ton of people out there that are equally big fans of this type of activity, perhaps even bigger!  🙂


And why do we love it?  Well…I think that there are numerous reasons. Perhaps the number one reason is just how it feels… that stretching sensation for many is just so wonderful!


And being more stretched or open down there allows for more options. And by more options I really mean larger options, lol…larger dildos, larger cucumbers, more fingers…you get the picture right?!


And there are absolutely those individuals who want to change and/or alter their body.  And there are those that want to change and/or alter their body to please someone else, too.   They understand in doing so that their Mistress, Master, Partner, or Spouse will derive incredible excitement and pleasure from it.


So a few (perhaps) reminder Do’s and Don’ts:

(1) Do give yourself an enema at least 2-4 hours before starting.

(2) Do go to the bathroom first.

(3) Do stop if you experience excessive pain or bleeding.

(4) Do use plenty (and then some) of lubricant.

(5) Do start with a small plug.

(6) Don’t force any toy or anything else (for that matter) if you feel great pain or discomfort.

(7) Don’t wear a plug for more than 20-30 minutes at the beginning.

(8) Don’t get too excited…thrusting is NOT the desired action here.

(9) Don’t overdo it.  Give your body time to recover between sessions…2-3 days will usually be sufficient.


One more thing (is there ever just one more thing, lol), and I feel this really does go without saying, but I am going to say it anyway.  This particular type of sexual activity is one that requires the body to be extremely comfortable and relaxed. In turn, I feel a high level of trust is needed to fully and completely enjoy this type of play.  So, please be sure that before you give your ass to someone, you feel both comfortable and safe!


So now you’re ready……let’s STRRRRRRREEEEEEETCH!!!!