So, it’s nearly here… only a couple of days left, and we’ll be on the doorstep of a brand new year!  Yes, 2017 is almost completely in our rear view mirror.


Helloooooo, 2018! What will you have in store for us?  Well, I suppose none of us really know, do we?


I almost bought that crystal ball years ago, but then I said nah…..if I knew everything that was going to be in my life (and I guess perhaps the world), would I really want to know? What fun would there be in always knowing everything that was going to happen? Well, perhaps sometimes it might be nice I suppose, lol.


So, to ring in the New Year on a festive note, I am going to have another fun little contest for you!  I do so love contests, and I love that some of you have had a lot of fun with me as we’ve played together!


So, first of all, it will run for the entire month of January.  This time it’s purely a game of chance. Which is why I said, will you be lucky?


So, I will start by looking at your call #.  To be considered for a price, every # needs to be odd.  Because 7 is my favorite #, you get 5 minutes free for every 7 in your #.  For example…caller #7 will get 5 minutes free because 7 is odd and there is one 7.  Caller #17 will get 5 minutes free because 1 and 7 are both odd and there is one 7.  But, caller # 27 will get ZERO minutes free as 2 is an even #.


All prizes (minutes) will be awarded on the spot but will need to be used the following month (February).


So cum be odd with your Goddess next month, and let your oddity flag fly high!





Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO