But I think for me it is almost always the way to go.  I would like to say ALWAYS but I guess I feel the need to leave room for the very rare event or occasion that I find myself not doing the right thing, or the right thing for me, at least.


And doing the right thing means sometimes needing to take the “high road”.  And quite often that damn high road takes a lot of work! It often requires us to be the “bigger” person and to not act with malice or spite or be revengeful when it might feel so good and so right (at least in the moment).  But what’s the cost to walk down this road, the “low road” shall we say?!?


I am thinking honestly that the cost could be HUGE!  🙁


But right now I AM doing the right thing.  And I will tell you that most of my days in the past month have been so damn hard!!!  And I have lost a lot of sleep, felt very frustrated and angry, felt helpless and scared, lost countless hours of work time, many days/nights away from my boyfriend/my home/my bed.  Someone close to me said, “You have really given her your life”.   I guess I hadn’t thought about it in quite that way.


But I will tell you that for me there was absolutely unequivocally no choice!  This is what I had to do.  When you love someone you do things like this, don’t you??  You give as much as you possibly can as long as you possibly can because it’s the right thing to do… there is no other choice!


And the cost if I didn’t do the right thing…I don’t even want to think about it!!!  But there is one thing that I do know for sure. As hard as this has been and still is…I will have ZERO regret and complete peace of mind in knowing that I absolutely did the right thing!!