About a month ago, John and I planned a short trip for Columbus Day weekend. We decided to head up to Maine (or should I say down-east to Maine) *wink*. We thought that it would be fun to do a little shopping, go antiquing, and see some beautiful foliage.

On the first day we stopped at some of the outlets, shopped, and then continued on to where we were lodging for the next couple of nights. Feeling a bit tired from the shopping and driving we were pleasantly surprised and amused by some roadside safety signs. You know, those electronic signs that can be seen all over our roadways, flashing important information to drivers. And here is what these signs said: “Explore Maine’s Scenery…Discover Safe Driving”, “Peep The Leaves…Not Your Phone”, and perhaps the cutest one of all… “Pumpkin Spice Drinkers…Use Your Blinkers”.

So as you can see, these signs are not negative but positive and lighthearted. They do, however, deal with very serious safety concerns. Seeing these signs started a whole discussion between John and I about how much better it was to have the positive message be emphasized versus a negative one.  It is often much easier to accept reminders that are positive rather than negative. Whether or not these signs made us drive more safely, they at least created a fun discussion and added enjoyment to our drive.

I think if we can learn to give our advice, our opinion, or even our criticism in more positive and supportive ways, this can and will help all of our relationships. So, my homework for you during this beautiful fall season is to try and word things as positively as you can while still expressing all that you wish to express.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO