She tells me to get on my hands and knees as i slump to the floor. She praises me for being such a good pet and taking so much for Her. As I catch my breath, Goddess summons me to where She sits on the edge of the bed. There, in front of my face are those toes, feet, ankles, and calves that i have used my energy to rub so many times. i want to bow down and worship them with my mouth, hands and fingers. Goddess, however, has other ideas as She continues Her praises. Gently She strokes my back, but soon this caress is replaced by Her fingernails as She adds another patchwork of red stripes on my already mottled back.

Thankfully, She bores of this soon and commands me across Her lap. It is such a thrill for my cock to actually be touching Her thigh, even if it is the outside. She reaches down and jostles my plug teasingly…many times pretending to remove it.  i feel not only full, but stretched as well. After an interminable period, Goddess removes it with tug. i am so glad i have cleaned my insides as ordered. Now i feel empty, but only for a moment.

i feel Her long slender fingers spreading cool lube around my rosebud, pushing ever deeper. To my sadness this task is completed far too quickly. Yet once again, i am not empty long. i try to breath deep and relax as Goddess replaces my medium plug with something at least half inch more in diameter. She is kind and takes Her time for me to get accustomed to being open so wide, as She gently applies the requisite pressure so i can again clench around the base. I feel stuffed.

After only a moment of adjusting to my huge plug, i feel the heavy THUD of the paddle i had seen on the bed before we properly began. It is wooden, about three inches wide with a green engraving on one side of the blade. Its handle is wrapped in green leather as well. Luckily, there are only seven hard strikes as the “Goddess” engraved on the paddle imprints my ass; seating the plug deeper with each resounding SMACK!

i couldn’t be stoic. i had to open my throat chakra and let the vibrations of my body free with “ohs” and “owes” getting louder with each powerful smack! My ass and thighs are on fire! When She stops, i sob a “Thank You Goddess.”

Then Goddess tells me to fetch the straight back chair from the corner and put it about six feet away, facing the foot of the bed. As i focus now on the chair i see it is much like a wooden dining chair, with cloth seat. It is only when i pick it up that i notice several strategically placed eye bolts. i do as directed as efficiently as possible. But oh, how wonderful it would be to sit and reorient to gravity.

Even though i am near amoebic state, Goddess has tasks for me before i get to sit. i see Her pick up my overnight bag and remove my adjustable nipple clamps with light chain. She places them on the tender flesh just behind my nipple as She uses Her fingernails to tug each out of the way. i gasp as She lets the jaws grip. She sets the screw so it’s not too intense, then hands me my steel and leather cock and ball harness to put on.

Next comes the bright green boned corset with garters and lace trim. Since it is an under-bust corset, the clamps remain accessible. Once i get it on, Goddess tightens the laces in the back to squeeze my flat abs even more. Happily, i can still breath, even if not too deeply. She hands me the matching ruffled Rumba panties, which i carefully slip over the large flange of my plug.

She hands me my makeup kit and directs me to Her vanity to put on my feminine face. Goddess explains that i need to be done and seated in the bedroom chair in 20 minutes. i try to focus, but Goddess is putting on sexy sheer lingerie, medium length green skirt and white blouse. i wonder where She’s going, or what’s on Her mind. So distracted, my makeup is not up to usual standard. i do my best though with base, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lipstick. I brush and fluff my hair as the finishing touches.

Time flies by and within a moment after i settle my plugged ass on the chair, the doorbell rings. i nearly panic, yet am much too excited by the naughty possibilities to move! 


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