As tired and blah as I felt, it really was a fun night out. I even got to meet a couple of John’s co-workers which definitely livened the evening for both of us! Boy are they characters, lol! And we stayed warm, and the “dogs” were good, and the beer was flowing, and we sang, and we danced (yes we did!), and the pitching was on and the Red Sox won!

So why I am telling you this story? Because sometimes it’s easy to fall into a habit.  It’s easy to stay in our rut and miss out on amazing opportunities.  Sometimes we are truly too tired to really enjoy an opportunity.  But often, it’s inertia that keeps us rooted in our ways.

So, on first blush, John and I wanted to stay home, be safe, and be comfortable.  But we decided to open ourselves up to the experience and go along for the ride. We both ended up much happier for it.  So, what is the lesson here? Seize opportunities when they are presented.

Last year, we never spent a single moment in Fenway Park.  We enjoyed watching the amazing 2018 run for the World Series Championship from our warm comfortable living room.  But win or lose, an experience at the park is always a bit different.  An experience with people, strangers, and perhaps friends you have yet to meet has a wonderful magical feel. A feel that sitting in your living room just can not match.

While the ballpark or baseball in general may not be your passion, experiencing the world with people you know, people you don’t know, and people you may come to know, can broaden your horizons and lift your spirits.

So perhaps this time take the hard road, take the road less traveled, move outside of your comfort zone, and seize an opportunity that deep down you know you want to experience. Who knows…it could be the start of something very wonderful! 


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO