Calling All Planners AND Planner Wanna Be’s!!!


Is this YOU????


Have you been thinking…I would really love to carve some time out of my busy schedule to speak with Goddess Mandy?!?  She is so nice, so hot, so sexy, so smart, so playful, so naughty, so damn much fun!! Ohhhh and I’ve heard she can be mean and humiliating too, if that’s your thing!


Well, this is what I’ve heard anyway, lol.  I read a bunch of her testimonials and guys seem to really like her.  I haven’t ever spoken with her, actually.


What?!?  You have never spoken with her….really????  She’s been with the company for almost 7 years now!  How is that possible???


Well, I may have spoken with her once or twice a really really long time ago, but definitely not in years.  I do remember enjoying my call though.


Well, you do know that she is running a really great promotion this month, right?!  Yeah…if you make an appointment for at least an hour long call, at least 24 hours in advance, you get 10 FREE minutes added to your call!  How cool is that?!?


I already took advantage of it but I am going to schedule another call with her next week and do it all over again! So many times I haven’t been able to get her so this really does work out well!  


And it’s SO great that it’s not just a one shot deal…pretty awesome when you think about it!  I love talking with Mandy, I feel so comfortable with her. And I cum SO hard with her, too!!  OMG, she makes me feel amazing!! 


And I even heard a rumor that if it’s successful this month she might do it again and again!   So if I were you (before she gets crazy booked up) I would check out your calendar and schedule your call today.  I want Mandy to know just how much we all appreciate her promotion.  But more importantly, just how much we appreciate her!  🙂