These words really do ring true for Me!  And I need you to know that it’s OK that we haven’t spoken for a very long time.  I have NOT forgotten you!   It doesn’t matter if it’s been 6 weeks, 9 months, or 4 years!


Let Me explain it to you this way.  I have been with LDW for over 5 years now.  In My 5+ years with the company I have spoken with literally hundreds of men and a few women, too.   I have been truly touched by so many of  you!  I have made SO many amazing connections, had SO many unbelievable conversations,  and have felt SO incredibly inspired and empowered! 🙂


All this being said,  sometimes I feel that human nature is often working against us.  And here is what I mean…


Let’s say for example that you and I used to speak at least a couple of times of month, OK?  And now it’s been months if not a year or more and we have not connected at all…not via phone, nor email, nor IM, nor anything.


Do you think to yourself, well I really enjoyed our time but it’s been so long that Mandy is never going to remember me?  Do you think that I will be upset at you for not calling me when we used to speak so regularly?  Or perhaps that I will be upset because you haven’t stayed in touch with Me?  Or maybe it’s just the thought of reconnecting after all of this time feels really awkward and uncomfortable?


I completely understand!!!


And I want to dispel any and all worry or angst that you may have.  I will NEVER be upset at you for not calling Me…whatever the reason may be, however long it has been since we’ve spoken!


We ALL have lives and they are busy.  We ALL have needs and desires and sometimes they change.  We ALL have to make tough decisions, whether about our money, our priorities, or whatever else . We ALL have times in our lives when someone or something fills a need, serves a purpose, or teaches us a lesson.  And then we move on.


So, all that being said, I am here for you if and when it works!  And maybe you’ll just call to tell Me that you’ve read My post and are thinking about Me…or that you’ve missed Me and all of the wonderful moments we’ve shared.  Or perhaps you will be on the other end of My phone line uttering….“I had to at least say hello and catch up with Mandy!”   🙂