I opened the door and there he was in his gray suit, brilliant white shirt, and shiny black shoes.  His sheepish smile went ear to ear yet he still looked as handsome as ever.  I told him to come in and gently he shut the door behind him. I put my arms out and he embraced me with a big warm  hug.


We sat on the bed and talked more about our desires and our expectations for our new relationship. He shared that in his ideal world he would see me every week but wasn’t sure if that would happen. I asked a bit more about his schedule to try and understand what his days looked like and when he might have some time to play.


His profile said that he was separated. But, on further discussion he came clean and shared that this was untrue. Indeed he was a happily married man. Well, I guess as happily as you can be and still looking for something like this. 😉 I didn’t mind that he was married. I just didn’t like the lie. Unfortunately, it made me wonder if there were other untruths to be discovered.


I guess I’m sharing this with you to say that as perfect as I thought he was, perhaps I judged a bit too soon. But, I wanted to trust in him and what we might build together. So that was my plan moving forward…open honest communication…expecting only truth.


Once I tired of seeing that gray suit on him (that of course never happened lol) I told him to stand up and slowly strip for me. Marc happily and excitedly stood up taking to the task at hand. I think I already shared, but watching those clothes come off clearly reinforced that he was quite the well built man! His tanned skin with that full broad chest, muscular legs, and big bubble butt made my pussy drip some more.


Ohhhhh and of course I didn’t mention his cock, did I?!? Well…let’s just say there will be no small penis humiliation for this sub! If I was looking to be properly filled up…Marc’s cock would more than amply do the trick! 🙂


I got off the bed and walked about half way around Marc’s naked body. He looked at me smiling yet clearly a bit uncomfortable being inspected like this. I smiled at him and then sat back down on the bed. I motioned with my finger for him to come closer to me, he did. I took his balls in my hand, cupping and rubbing them as my other hand wrapped firmly around the center of his hardening thick shaft. I looked up at him and smiled. “These are going to be mine now, aren’t they?!?” “Yes, Mistress,” he said.  


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO