“Yes Mistress”…those words seemed to just hang in the air…perhaps I was simply repeating them over and over in my head.  But at that moment, holding Marc’s balls in my hand, I realized how powerful I felt and just how crazy excited, too! I was in control…I was calling the shots!

Yes, hundreds of times I had been in this position on the phone, of course. But face to face, skin to skin, breath to breath, no.  This was a new experience for me and so far I was anything but disappointed!

I squeezed Marc’s balls a bit harder hoping to learn more about his tolerance and his desire, all the while looking him in the eye.  Yes, I wanted the connection with him, my submissive. None of this eyes downward, you will not look at me kinda stuff.  I wanted to see him and feel him in every way. And I wanted the same for him. I am not sure if I already told you, but indeed this was his first “formal” experience submitting to anyone.

And I say formal because he shared a story or two about his college days. About how he was a little cum eating cuck back then.  He didn’t exactly put it in these words, but essentially that is exactly what it was.

On more than one occasion he was instructed to go to an apartment or dorm room to kiss and lick and suck out a very full creamy pussy. He explained to me that word must have gotten around, as he found himself being summoned by a number of young ladies that year. As he told these stories I could feel his excitement, his humiliation, his gratitude. It was obvious the pleasure he derived by being used in just this way! He found his purpose or certainly a purpose. And now he was looking to feel those things once again. But this time around it was me…Marc was here to serve me.

And what did I really want? How did I truly wish to be served? Well, the one thing that I did know is that he was open to my desire for cock. Well, not my desire for cock but my desire for Marc to have cock! 


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO