Share your favorite “Sweetheart” slogan with your Goddess Mandy!


Open a box…tell Me which one speaks to you…which one makes your heart sing?!?  🙂


They are such simple slogans….”Hug Me”, “Be Mine”, “Love You”, “Cutie”


They are all simple and sweet, meaningless…but are they really?!?  When one speaks to you and you put it on your tongue does not the essence dissolve into you??  Such a simple childish pleasure but is it more profound?  Don’t we all want to be hugged and loved and called cutie?  Do not these simple confections at times speak to our inner heart?


Remember to be childlike, not childish.


Happiness is wherever we find it.  If we enjoy the simple pleasures of life we can find happiness in a rainbow, a puddle, or a small sugar heart.  If we enjoy the small pleasures in life, we can find ecstasy in our greater endeavors.


Enjoy small and dream BIG!


Give Your Heart Freely…Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!