Bella decided that she was going to soak up all the beauty the day had to offer.  After all, it could be one of the last of the summer season and she was not about to let it get away. She texted Jenny (one of her besties) and told her to put her bikini on, pack her bag, and be on the look out for her cute little white Toyota. “I’ll see you in a hour, sweetie.” Ten minutes later Bella heard her phone chime…”Yes, let’s do it…I’ll be ready!”

It was nice that it was a weekday. And being early September, she expected the beach would likely be pretty quiet. Bella always loved hanging out at the beach but really hated the crowds. Everything was just so much nicer when the beach wasn’t wall to wall people.

But this beach was one of her absolute favorites. It was just about an hour away and if traffic was good it was definitely more like 45 minutes.  And the sand was gorgeous, and the waves were just right, the people were always nice and friendly, and she loved taking her long walks just at the waters edge. But if Bella had to honestly say what she loved most about this beach over anything else…well, it would be the fact that a huge long stretch of it was clothing optional. And if she was in the mood…having this option was really nice. 

Bella pulled into Jenny’s driveway and honked the horn twice…Jenny came giddily out of the house, threw her duffel on the backseat and said, “:et’s go to the beach!” Bella looked at Jenny and nearly did a double-take. She hadn’t seen her in almost a month and her hair was now platinum blonde and in a pixie cut! And she was only wearing a bit of gloss. Bella was in shock. For as long as she’s known Jenny (over 15 years) she has always had very long dark hair and always worn a ton of make-up.

But even with these extreme changes, Jenny was still smoking hot. Bella was always a little bit jealous of her friend, the prettiest face and an incredible body to go with it. Yet, Bella knew that the boys had always found her really hot, too. She always got compliments on her big blue eyes,  her long lean toned legs, and her silky raven hair which now reached past the middle of her back. And unlike Jenny, Bella was not shy when it came to her body and being comfortable in her own skin.

So it was definitely one of those days, Bella knew it as soon as she woke up. She was excited to have the option of taking off her bikini or whatever else she might be wearing. She loved feeling the sun, the wind, and the ocean caressing all of her naked skin. She felt free.

And she wondered if today was the day that Jenny would join her. They had been to this beach nearly a dozen times and never had Jenny been open to even taking her top off. But perhaps today would be different? After all, Jenny did look like a different girl with her new platinum pixie. As they turned into the quiet beach parking lot, Bella was feeling very hopeful.  


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO